Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Did Fernanda Do To Deserve This?

SCANDAL: Reedited version of crappy gay comedy now stars Brazil's preeminent actress, Fernanda Montenegro!

Or at least that's where my mind took me when seeing that signage (pictured above) courtesy of the NYC's tiniest movie theater.

My apologies to the great Montenegro (who you'll remember with awe from her legendary work in Oscar nominee Central Station). What did she ever do to deserve this? House of Sand, the new Brazilian drama about generations of mothers and daughters in the desert, isn't a classic but Fernanda's very presence demands a degree of respect. She shouldn't be forced to share a shoebox sized theater with the screaming queens of Another Gay Movie.

Nor does she deserve the abuse from my overactive photoshopping. But the marquee made me laugh and I had my camera and ... and ... oh, forgive me Fernanda!

But, say, while you're in there, please kill whoever overacts first.



Anonymous said...

So were the leads in House of Sand as good as some people are saying they are? I know the have no chance at Oscar, but are they of the sort that could appear as finalists for your own awards? Really curious, because the leading ladies are the only thing drawing me to this movie.

Emma said...

Eww... I just wanna cringe for her.

Jason Adams said...

OMG those pics are incredible, Nat. That last one is HYSTERICAL.

StinkyLulu said...


Anonymous said...

Did she suffer enough for losing HER Oscar to Gwyneth Paltrow?
Two amazing actresses,Mother and daughter, Berlin and Cannes Best Actress Winners, sharing a theather with a teen gay movie?
They really, really deserved better.

Javier Aldabalde said...

This is so... brilliant! I love it!

Fernanda will be an Oscar contender next year again (for the Newell rendering of "Love in Time of Cholera" w/Javier Bardem).

Lucas Dantas said...

OMG Nathan!! hauhauha... I totally agree with you but these pics are hilarious!

And javierag, we can't really tell if she'll be Oscar contender next year because her role in "Live In Time of Cholera" is very small, but who knows... I'd love to see her there again!