Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Heavenly Creature: Kate Winslet

Here's a great video montage for your viewing pleasure.

I DID NOT MAKE THIS. So please head on over to its page on YouTube if you love it and tell the original creator "Eegah" how much you do deeply dig. I personally thank him for creating this. It's 4 and a 1/2 minutes of heaven for Kate Winslet fans:

Watch it now

I especially loved watching this because Heavenly Creatures is prominently featured and its one of my favorite films of all time. I'd also never seen the clips from Romance & Cigarettes or Kate's lampooning of her own Oscarless stature.

UPDATE: And a big thank you to Amy who pointed this out. You can also see the full video of Kate Winslet in nun's habit from which the "why don't I have one?" Oscar joke is lifted. Very fun stuff.

UPDATE #2: And still more Oscar buzz for her work in October's Little Children


par3182 said...

the whole world should be going "why hasn't winslet got one?"

man, she's good

Beau said...

Very well done. Very well done.

adam k. said...

I also think this is her year. Her only real challenge is Helen Mirren.

She looks totally drool-worthy in Romance & Cigarettes. I want to be able to see that.

Nat, how many times would you've nominated her by now? Does she get a nom (or win) from '94? I have no idea really what you thought of Best Actress in '94, other than that you loved Jodie Foster in Nell.

I think I personally would've nommed her for:
QUILLS (maybe...) ('00)
IRIS ('01)

...with wins for S&S, Holy Smoke, and Iris.
...7 noms/3 wins... I love her THAT much.
...though I really haven't seen enough films in some years, so maybe with more competition I'd drop her from the S&S win and the Quills nom. I stand by Titanic, though... Kate was Great in Titanic. Without her, it wouldn't have worked.

Now let's see some FB awards from '94!

evermoon said...

That video was amazing, and it shows how fantastic an actress Kate really is. But was I the only one disturbed by how it seemed like one of those tributes you make to film greats who have passed on? Then again, it also seems like a montage for a recipient of a lifetime achievement award. I hope Kate makes countless more films and finally wins an Oscar (or two, or three...)

Jason Adams said...

Oh my god, it made me remember that I still haven't seen Iris. I feel a deep, deep shame. And a rumbling coming from my Netflix queue.

That video gave me goosebumps. My love for Kate really knows no bounds, I adore her sooooo much.

I wish Extras would be released on DVD here already, I've been dying to see, well the entire thing, but especially the episode she's in.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Okay, I suck at HTML. Here it is again:


Anonymous said...

That was great. But no clips from either 'Jude' or 'Hamlet'?

Anonymous said...

By the way what is the song playing throughout? It was at the beginning of the 'Eternal Sunshine' trailer but not on the soundtrack and I'm desperate to find out what it's called and where to find it.

Arun said...

That was brilliant- aah made me want to watch all those films all over again. *sigh* I can't wait for Little Children.

The clip not only made me pissy for her Oscar losses but also that she lost the Emmy for 'Extras' as well.

douglas said...

romance and cigarettes is messy but ok at best ive seen it already..
i would nominate her in
-Sense and Sensibility
-Heavenly Creatures
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- Holy Smoke
- Titanic
- Iris
- Enigma (hmmm)

win for holy smoke, sense & sensibility, iris too hmmm

if streep goes supporting she has a better chance with streep being favorite and all... Mirren could easily snag the award, kinda like an honorary award :D... Winslet needs precursor support!

douglas said...

and do you guys know that she sings friddin beautifully too?

Check out "What if?" from "Christmas Carol: The Movie" and please do watch romance and cigarettes


i don't remember 94's competition well enough to say if i'd nominate her for that but she'd have FB noms for sure for the following:

HOLY SMOKE! ('99) *winner
IRIS ('01) *winner

and essentially I guess she's the third piece of my trinity (w/ Moore and Pfeiffer) even though i don't talk about her much. maybe because she has to fight off whoever i love at the moment for attention, be it The Bening, Streep resurgent, or whomever...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments guys! The music is from the A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack...a mixture of 'A Kaleidescope of Mathamatics' and 'Creating Governing Dynamics'. Jude not included because of the crappy region 2 pan and scan transfer - would have jarred horribly with the rest of the clips. Hamlet is not available where I live! Once again - the comments are so gratifying!

adam k. said...

I think she totally should've won for Iris in light of the fact that she had not yet won an oscar... but in my world, since she'd already won for Sense and Sensibility and/or Holy Smoke!, she wouldn't need another, and I'd probably give that one to Mirren.

Why are you anti Kate-in-Titanic? I feel like if you love the film, you have to love the perf too. She carried the film. She made it work. She had a friggin' million ton boat on her shoulders and she hoisted it up and carried it. That is NOT EASY to do (not that I've tried).

Anyway. Yeah. I love Kate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks eegah, I've been all over the web in search for the name of that piece. I just have to say, again, how much I enjoyed the clip--however I am disappointed that you couldn't have placed bits of either 'Jude' or 'Hamlet' in it. I can just imagine how much more tremendous this already great montage would have been with their inclusion.

Beau said...

by the way, where the bloody hell can a person FIND 'romance and cigarettes'?

Anonymous said...

It's wierd becuase you really can't. Romance and Cigarette's has been put on the shelf becuase of Mgm being bought and all that crap. It was supposed to come out in Fall 2006 but I believe that if Kate win's the Oscar they might release it in early 2007.

Anonymous said...

The YouTube montage doesn't work for me :(