Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When Your Job Sucks, Think of Mine

Hi, it's Anne. I'm so happy that all of you went and saw my movie this summer. Can you believe I was sharing scenes with Meryl Streep? I was four months old when she won her second Oscar! She's so accomplished... such an amazing woman. My character "Andy" had such a terrible job in that movie working for her. Acting isn't as easy as people think but, honestly, I've never had a job half as tough as that. I'm not going to be that actress that tries to convince you that it's difficult to get naked with Jake Gyllenhaal. Please!

No, my nightmare job is starring in The Princess Diaries III. I'm not in that place anymore. Every night I thank God (I call him "Ang Lee", ha ha) for rescuing me. Because there's more to me than tiaras. There really is.

So: I want to pose another one of those "would you rather" questions that Nathaniel likes. My topic is 'Nightmare jobs from the summer movies'

Would you rather...?

1. Be the copy editor for The Daily Planet? All mythic comicbook crap aside: Lois Lane seems like a terrible writer, doesn't she? Could you even read a weepy essay on "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman" without giggling? I couldn't. I'd rather curl up with Ayn Rand. Now, there's a writer.

2. Work at that fast-food Chicken place that the Little Miss Sunshine family orders from daily? Those fast food people are probably making minimum wage and then they have to listen to Richard's "don't be a loser" speech every time he comes in? Oh, you know he gives it to them, poor things.


3. Apply the gel to the camera lenses on World Trade Center? I'm sorry but how goopy were those shots of Maria Bello? It's like they used a huge spatula to "frost" the lens. I bet the crew guy had to wear rubber gloves there was so much of it. Whenever that movie cut away to her I thought it was a commercial break and she was going to start brewing some Maxwell House. I don't understand it at all because she hardly needs it...such a beautiful woman.

OK. I have to go read a huge stack of scripts. (Oh, you thought The Devil Wears Prada only worked wonders for Emily Blunt's career? Think again) But answer this "would you rather" in the comments or add your own nightmare film job! Nathaniel will be back later today.


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Beau said...

She's one of the more charasmatic actresses working today. She just needs something to really challenge her. (Didn't see Gaghan's "Havoc", but she kicked ASS in her final scene in "Brokeback".)

...speaking of strong, charasmatic actresses, where the hell is Rachel McAdams?


hiding with Ryan Gosling. DON'T LOOK AT THEM. They don't want to be famous.

Beau said...

which is a shame considering they actually have talent.

Cinesnatch said...

Mario Bello ... She looks like a Stepford Wife in the WTC pic.

Glenn Dunks said...

I like the Hath', she always seemed effortlessly likable, thankfully she's going in a much better direction these days.

And I already have a shitty job, I don't need another! :P

adam k. said...

Yeah I don't need another shitty job either. And I also really like Hathaway. I'm sad for both her and Sandra Oh. They deserved better, really.

Glenn Dunks said...

Especially Oh.

But at least she has some awards now and she's on one of the most watched shows on tv. What has Paul Giamatti got? The Lady in the Water. SUCK ON THAT.

(sorry, I really hate Giamatti. I'm sure he's a nice man)

Beau said...

WHOA. why the hatred on Giamatti? that's a first for me.

Anonymous said...

Because he's a S-C-H-L-U-B (but not a humorless one I've heard, so props). Why do he and Phillip Seymour Hoffman always look like bum slobs? Me no likey at all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Oh and the Hath totally deserved more in their respective awards seasons. I just wish I had room for them both in my Supporting Actress line-ups those years - I had to finally push Hathaway out when I finally saw Junebug and realised that Amy Adams' IS one of the finest supporting actress performances not to have won the Oscar (along with Michelle Williams - chances of that happening twice in a year ever again. Zilch.)