Friday, September 15, 2006

link it up, baby... link it up

Cinephilia on "New Media Absurdism" Arden has a way with coining a phrase. I wanna be a part of it new media, new media...
Daily Gut Samantha Morton kicked out of Elton John's house!
Cinematical on "The Avengers" movie. My thoughts: Marvel is making too many movies. Gluts in the marketplace eventually mean deterioting quality (Daredevil & Elektra cases in point) and collapse of the entire genre.
popbytes with a sneak peek at Tori Amos's new one... (which is an old one)
Fame Tracker my boy Joe Reid keeps getting closer to the big time: He wrote this great piece on Matthew McConaughey.
Glitterati on Whitney's divorce. I just hope a career revival doesn't include a return to the silver screen. 'Hell to the no' on Whitney as a movie star. Can I get an amen?
GreenCine Daily Blog-a-thons for the Fall. Should I join in?


Jason Adams said...

What the world needs now is The Bodyguard Part 2.

The Chemistry Guru said...

Seriously, when will FameTracker re-audit Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger's profiles?
And your earlier post on jen 'n jared will make a great 2 n' 1 slot.

Glenn Dunks said...

While I've only seen The Bodyguard (and wasn't impressed), it was my impression that she was much better in the, er, "black films" she did. Like Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher's Wife.

But, yeah, I haven't seen 'em so I can't really comment.