Friday, September 08, 2006

The Hot Link Injection

And Your Little Blog, Too on "All About All About Eve"
Cinematical looks at low budget/high return movies.
Stale Popcorn celebrates (musically) fellow Aussie, Toni Collette.
Low Resolution has a cool new series on "Rewatchables"

Janet Charlton
offers the first Suri Cruise conspiracy that I've found even remotely interesting. Otherwise, zzzzz on this story. All aspects of it.

Greencine Daily has an interesting interview up with filmmaker Rick Stevenson. I love and agree with this quote:
I think the future of indie filmmaking is everywhere else from New York and LA, unless you're from New York and LA, because what makes good films and original films is the voice that you develop by being from somewhere.
and I'm glad there's the caveat about "unless you're from there" because, having just seen Shortbus (trailer, NSFW) which is so specifically of a place and particular mindset, I didn't want anyone impugning big city voices.

And, yes, the Toronto International Film Festival has begun. I couldn't make it this year -- My dream for 2007 involves frequent festival going. Wish me luck. People I'll be following to pretend I'm there include: Ali @ The Cutting Room, Jeremy @ The Movie Martyr, Gerard @ In Contention, David Poland @ The Hot Blog, Jeffrey Wells @ Hollywood-Elsewhere, and Mike D'Angelo @ The Man Who Viewed Too Much

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