Monday, September 25, 2006

Monologue Mondays -"Susie Diamond"

I may start doing this regularly. Great and/or interesting monologues to start the week off daydreaming 'bout the movies. Let me know what you think. We begin with La Pfeiffer. Surprise.

You know, I saw you guys once. You and Frank. At the Roosevelt. Soap convention.

Yeah, they got a convention for everything. This guy was some big roller in suds. At least he was clean. Some of the guys I met through the service, you wouldn't believe. The older ones, they were okay. Nice. Polite. Pulled the chair out for you. But the younger ones...

It wasn't so bad, though. I'd get a nice piece of steak, flowers, sometimes even a gift. Usually whatever the guy was into. Got a set of socket wrenches once. Believe it? The guy looked like he'd just given me four dozen roses.

But I stayed at the Hartford once. You should see the rooms. All satin and velvet. And the bed. Royal blue, trimmed in lace clean as snow. Hard to believe sleeping in a room like that don't change your life. But it don't. The bed may be magic, but the mirror isn't. You wake up the same old Susie.

"Susie Diamond" as played by Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989). Written and directed by Steve Kloves . Mr. Kloves made one great film --this one right here with a radiant award-winning Pfeiffer and the best collaboration of those Fabulous Bridges Boys --then followed it up with a solid sophomore effort Flesh and Bone (1993), which featured Meg Ryan stretching, Dennis Quaid scowling, and Gwyneth Paltrow stealing the show (in what is still one of her best performances). Unfortunately, Kloves hasn't directed since though I'm sure he's handsomely paid for those Harry Potter adaptations.


Javier Aldabalde said...

Love it.

I'd recommend Bibi Andersson's for some future occasion if it wasn't so NC-27.

Cinesnatch said...

I hope Steve Kloves directs again (when the time is right).

Glenn Dunks said...


That movie is special.

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea for a post and an excellent first choice. I'm a big fan of Kloves; he's one of the few Hollywood people I got the chance to meet and quite liked. Flesh and Bone is a wonderful script that became a shoulda-been-better movie, and I hope that his HP money will someday give him the freedom to direct again.