Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pedro Watch #4

This is my final Almodovar round up from around the web --too many other things vying for my attention at the moment. But I hope my fellow Pedro nuts enjoy.

<---Eugene on P&P @ TIFF. (from whom I stole this pic)
Bajo la tierra "I was made for melodrama"
Luxerina Penelope Cruz's ass.
Indiewire @ TIFF with Almodovar
The Envelope Volver & Oscar?

And more Volver reviews from The Cutting Room (full length) "A-", As Little As Possible (capsule) "good but not great" and Deep Focus (full length) "really cozy and just a little overstuffed"

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Yaseen Ali said...

I want Penelope to be nominated for Best Actress so badly it hurts. Nods for Lola Dueñas and Carmen Maura would also be most lovely, but I'm not holding my breath. I really hope Tom O'Neil is on to something here, but he's usually way off-base.

I can't believe that this is Pedro's first time in Toronto. Penelope looks stunning in that photo (as always.)

Thanks for the shout-out Nathaniel, although the link takes you to another page (maybe that's the review you meant to attach anyways.)


oops. sorry. fixing it now.

Ramification said...

Penelope is my new obsession, I love love loved her in Volver!