Friday, September 08, 2006

Shocker: AMPAS Done Good!

Happy News -Ellen Degeneres will be hosting High Holy Night* in Hollywood on February 25th, 2007.

*That's Oscar Night for those of you who haven't had enough coffee this morning.


Anonymous said...

Ellen Degenerous is hosting the Oscars:

First there was the flashy article entitled “Brokeback’ers Corral Academy Invite” back in June. Of course they snubbed Michelle, only inviting Jake and Heath. Oh, I wonder why?

Now they hired the biggest, proudest gay celebrity in Hollywood to host their next show.

-Yeah, their basically telling us “we know you’re our most devoted viewers. We f*cked up bad last year. Please forgive us.”


eric -i'm not sure. Ellen isn't exactly some in your face vocal gay activist. Yes, she's out and brings her girlfriend around with her. Good for her. But she isn't really all that vocal (though I'm certainly fond of her letting her life be seen)

if they were making a GAY statement it'd have to be Rosie O'Donnell or Ian McKellen hosting. Those two don't shut up in the fight for civil rights. God bless 'em.

did anyone really think the Emmys or (whats the other show Degeneres hosts?) were making gay statements by hiring Ellen?

It's probably more along the lines of she is a good host. And funny. And well loved.

RC said...

Pretty good choice...wouldn't it be great if one person could host the oscars on a consistent basis year after year??? I'd like that.

--RC of