Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Linkson & Linkslet

Oh, I'm sorry, but you know this pair is going to be a regular photographic fixture on this blog. Perhaps they'll become my mascot couple for the season. Kate Winslet is Kate Winslet after all (no explanation necessary) and Patrick Wilson holds the bittersweet distinction of being the only Broadway star I've ever loved who I've been able to watch transition to the screen successfully. Woo-hoo. In other words, I'll always be able to call "first!" with Patrick. Don't even pretend you aren't jealous.

Anyway, the links... the links
ModFab on early "Oscarcasting" and the growing buzz on Little Children. Cutting Room also chimes in with early guesswork.
Pen15 Club Rupert Everett tells all. I heart Rupert. Towleroad also chimes in on this story.
Friz Freleng Blog-a-Thon. If you love classic Looney Tunes, you should enjoy reading some of these entries.
Self Styled Siren is knocked up in real life and at the movies. Fun read.
David Poland doesn't just love Little Children. He also loves Volver and The Queen. Love is everywhere.

Gee, maybe 2006 will be a good cinematic year after all.


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Beau said...

And apparently Estevez's "Bobby" is getting raves. It even managed to get a good review out of Variety, whose latest bitch-slaps have been towards "Children of Men" and "The Fountain", two terrific looking films if you ask me.

...apoligies, I just hate that magazine.
But YAY for the success of "Bobby", I'm incredibly intrigued now.

News & Reviews said...

Great site! Just discovered it today, at the very least the Patrick Wilson photos are well worth the visit!