Friday, September 22, 2006

Thank God It's Linkday

Mainly Movies has seen Children of Men!
NewNowNext Bjork reuniting with the Sugarcubes. Buy your tickets.
Reel Fanatic Hollywood's Perotta love-in (Little Children, Election, etc)
Reverse Shot says don't believe the negative For Your Consideration buzz.
popbytes on the new series Six Degrees about which I say: "what he said"
In Contention on Last King... and Little Miss.... Where will Fox Searchlight put their campaign dollars?

1 comment:

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh man, The Sugacubes!!??!! Life's Too Good is one of my favourite albums ever. "Birthday" "Cat" "Delicious Demon" "This Wasn't Supposed to Happen" "Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow"... all so brilliant.

And that review of Children of Men intrigues me even moreso. I was actually going to read the book but then I decided against it because the movie looks so good.