Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hump Day Hottie: Naomie Harris

It's time for Hump Day H-- What? Some people work Tuesday through Saturday schedules. They do. Actually this post is not just a day late. It's one week and a day late since I was going to post it for Ms. Harris's birthday last Wednesday.

I'll start by confessing that I almost never think of Naomie Harris. You've probably never read her name on this blog. But as I was watching Miami Vice a few weeks ago and she climbed into the shower with Jamie Foxx, their naked bodies pressing against each other, I thought to myself: Wait, is this Naomie Harris...the same Naomie Harris who was so fierce and masculine as a zombie killer opposite Cillian Murphy (another HDH'er) in 28 Days Later? And that zombie killer was played by the same actress that also transformed the potentially racist scary-voodoo-woman role in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest into such a showcase that you were anxious to see more of her in the sequel?

And then I decided I was becoming a fan because I had problems reconciling those very different roles with this unassuming pretty actress. And, because my mind wanders like this, I decided that I would love to see her play "Lhel" if they ever make a movie of this one fantasy book I love called The Bone Doll's Twin (not that they ever would) on account of said ability to subvert the racism inherent in the subcategory of "creepy magical roles meant for black women."

Plus, to state the painfully obvious: Pierce Brosnan wants to hit that.

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Ramification said...

She was really great in White Teeth as well, loved her in that.

Anonymous said...

I've thought a lot of her since seeing her in 28 Days Later. I want to see her in more good parts.

Glenn Dunks said...

YES! I thought she was really good in 28 Days Later (she nearly made my Top 5 Best Actress list, even) and she was fun in Pirates and she came off best (for me) in Miami Vice.

She definitely seems like the kind of actress who just has an ability to take any role and run with it.

The Chemistry Guru said...

Aaah! The lovely Miss Harris. I also became a fan from White Teeth on TV and of course 28 days. There's also the very good 'a Cock and Bull' story with Steve Coogan and a host of british comic talent. Its brilliant! check it out if you can

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's wonderful in Tristram Shandy. Any cinephile who has ever embarrassed him/herself blathering on about _____ (your choice, for her it's Fassbinder) will identify. She & Coogan have truly palpable sexual chemistry, too.

Cinesnatch said...

Dude, that look on Brosnan's face is PRICELESS! He TOTALLY wants to hit that ...

Anonymous said...

I know it's ten million years later *cough* but that was not Naomie but a body double in Miami Vice.

Naomie is too classy >___>