Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Baz!

This photo [src] is of auteur Baz Luhrmann and his lifelong mate and creative partner Craig Pearce performing in high school many many years ago. They did Shakespeare and apparently Guys and Dolls, too (Baz as 'Nathan Detroit' and Craig as 'Sky Masterton').

How cute! I'm feeling all nostalgic and I wasn't even there. Baz turns 44 today. He's made three pictures: Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge!. If these movies had been my classmates, I'da been passing them all secret love notes.

If you are Baz Luhrmann:
Please celebrate your birthday by working on that new movie to star Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. We've waited long enough for a 4th movie. And don't even think about splitting it into two like ol' Quentin his 4th time around. Give me a full motion picture. I need it like you need that L'Amour sign, splashy visuals, and abundant musicality...even when your films aren't technically musicals.

If you are not Baz Luhrmann:
Please celebrate his birthday by popping in one of his DVDs or go read the first half of my insane Moulin Rouge! celebration/viewthrough if you haven't yet.


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic the three posters!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Baz! What do you imagine he's doing to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

Ahh... great job. If those three are DVD's, then I strongly want them on my TV shelf!

Happy birthday, Baz.

Glenn Dunks said...

I said the other that that the half floor for John Malkovich was one of the best individual sets ever. The L'amour sign is another.

God I love Baz. In high school it was sort of uncool to say you liked his movies, but I proudly had Moulin Rouge! all over my books.

Emma said...

Romeo + Juliet... YES!

Moulin Rouge... NO!

Strictly Ballroom... "meh."

Glenn Dunks said...

i hate you

(not really)

(or do i?)