Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dance: Ten, Links: Three

CSB interviews the directors of Little Miss Sunshine. It might be a little late for them to play so naive and "what -- who, us?" about that Oscar campaign though.
MNPP The Departed in 150 words or less. Funny stuff
popbytes This is cool. Don't have time to watch MTV for months on end hoping to catch cool music videos? In just 57 minutes you can get caught up w/ a video mashup of 77 of 2006's hottest offerings.

OK, OK, there's more than just three links. But I liked the title (recently saw the revival of A Chorus Line. More on that later) Check out some personal movie awardage from opinionated loudmouths (hey, my kind of people) like goatdog, MaryAnn, Andy, Tim and Nick's Flick Picks who name their 'bests' of the year

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Jason Adams said...

I'm so jealous of your Buffy re-screenings, Nat. I haven't watched an episode in ages.