Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guild Madness

I cannot keep up! Hollywoods guilds (which tell us a lot about the technical categories at the Oscars) are announcing all over the darn place. And there's more coming out at us tomorrow (including BAFTA nominations) I've updated the Oscar pages for Screenplays(reflecting the WGA announcement) and Costume Design (The CDG nominations in three categories) and Animated Film (recent announcements for both Short Films and Features)


Michael Parsons said...

A friend of mine over here is a BAFTA votes (some time actor) and I have been asking him questions as to which way people are leaning. Pan's Labyrinth is popular as is The Departed, so look for them to be making strong showings. Children of Men is looking very good, I would not be surprised if it got alot of nominations, even for Claire-Hope Ashitey, but it did come out here in September.

Anonymous said...

Uh Nat... 1994 wasn't the last time they nodded contempary costumes. 102 DALMATIONS got nominated in 2000!!!!!

I think Field has an excellent shot at a nomination.

Glenn Dunks said...

On the BAFTAs, as MP said, CoM opened in September and it's actually a British film so that will help immensely.

The Short Animation field disappoints me. I was hoping to see one of the great Australian shorts from this year up there, namely Carnivore Reflux or The Safe House. Oh well. I'm majorly happy for Happy Feet!

I haven't seen The Illusionist, but I'm a bit surprised that it's getting nominations over The Prestige.

OUCH for Dreamgirls though.