Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Link

Happy New Year
Sunset Gun offers up "Auld Lang Scene", a neat look at New Year's Eve scenes in movies. So on that subject HAPPY NEW YEAR people: May your 2008 be great. These 'out with the old / in with the new' celebrations are always so frought with bizarrely mixed emotions, though, aren't they?

2007 is a wrap
Cinephiliac posts a lovely visual countdown of his top 30 of the year
Electronic Cerebectomy
25 favorite film things
Peter Nellhaus various best of film 2007
Antagony & Ecstacy an FYC list for Oscar without regard for what they'd actually vote for. Which, to my mind, is the most honest way to do an FYC list
Like Anna Karina's Sweater best and best undistributed features
The Guardian Unlimited has best film blog moments
Not Coming to a Theater Near You multiple voices wrapping up

if you're going out tonight, have fun and be safe. If you're staying in, there's still plenty o' ways to get crazy...

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