Thursday, December 20, 2007


Sometimes you just gotta back slowly away from Oscar... (it's good for you)
NewNowNext likes the actress comedy odds of 2008
popbytes Jake Shears meets Dolly Parton. How special
Drawn! spotlights that absolutely adorable RankinBass style Mac ad. Lurve it
A.V. Club -worst of the year. Enjoy the drubbings
Acidemic -great piece on Last Tango In Paris. I don't even like the film and this made me eager to see it again. Which is a mark of great film writing I think
Forbes -25 biggest web celebs. ModFab and I do not appear. We're too niche or sexy or genius to be understood and powerful in our time. They'll be all "modfab" this and "Nathanielesque" that after we die though. We'll get our own adjectives! That's what I'm telling myself through the crying jags

OK a teeny bit of Oscar
Film Otaku
-on France's probable strong showing with Oscar. Viva le France
HotBlog Poland makes some interesting correlations to previous SAG races and wonders, like I always do, about why movies wait so long to lauch. We're talking to you Atonement (held back from American viewers for so long)


Anonymous said...

I'll happily take those actress comedy odds. It's nice to see Jodie Foster hasn't forgotten how to be funny. That Nim's Island looks pretty cute and definitely watchable. I'm nervous about Leatherheads though, are we sure it's a comedy? With different music, the trailer could play as a drama.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've seen Jodie Foster crash into a tree, I think my life is complete. *end sarcasm* Although I will admit the "you should wash your hands" line made me chuckle. But, who is that movie trying to appeal to - kids? Families? Jodie Foster fans? (Gerard Butler looks charming, but he's taking too many roles that allow him to just coast on his charm.)

Leatherheads - why is SWMNBN wearing a 1920's cloche but a
1930's Veronica Lake peek-aboo hairstyle? Purposeful anachronism is one thing (Moulin Rouge), lazy anachronism is something else. (And why does the actress with the least "period" looking face I can think of keep this side of Jodie Foster keep choosing period roles, specifically the 1920's? Hasn't she dipped into that well often enough?)


Anonymous said...

How refreshing to get a break from the Oscar frezny and excitement! Nim's Island looks okay, but Leatherheads looks better, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I know this has completely got nothing to do with the links, but has anyone seen Thora Birch in 'The Hole'? She's briliant! The films a bit like the Blair Witch project.

I was surprised to see 15-year-old Knightley as well, playing the school bitch. Surprisingly good, as well. She should really stick to British movies. The directors actually use her, as more than just a pretty ornament.