Monday, December 10, 2007

Links & List Mania

Sight and Sound Two art cinema favorites on this mountain top
Still Searching defining films of the 'aughts?
David Edelstein best in all directions
Jeffrey Wells Zodiac haunts the top 10 list

not "best of the year" lists --how rebellious!
LA Times on the über competitive Christmas movie week
Out in Hollywood on the very hetero GQ Men of the Year party
Rob Scheer thinks Burton really "got" Sweeney Todd, and he's a Sweeney Todd freak like me.
The Reeler soothes readers who've been abused by the year end hype machines
Deep Focus interesting somewhat negative take on Atonement.


Anonymous said...

Is Atonement getting the "I hate the frontrunner" tag?

I haven't seen it yet, but it was called the frontrunner a while ago. On other boards people are celebrating Atonement's downfall ( whatever that is).


i knew they should've released it awhile ago

i personally loved it... but it's "difficult" enough to be easy to hate if you're looking to hate it

Anonymous said...

i personally loved it... but it's "difficult" enough to be easy to hate if you're looking to hate it

True. Maybe next year the adult dramas will be spread out a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now after the critics award, No Country For Old Men can shoulder that frontrunner status and people can just back off, and watch Atonement without dissecting its Oscar worth.

Its annoying that people are knocking it down and in the same breath, try to build up No Country's chances.

This is what i hate more than anything about award races. It becomes so political. Yeah, its a hobby for most, but lighten up people!

J.D. said...

It's okay Nat. We Keira-lovers forgive you, and welcome you. [thumbs up]

Now give us a grade already!

adam k. said...

I still think Atonement will win.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Wells needs to get over his Zodiac obsession!!

Glenn Dunks said...

Just watch Atonement come back in the guilds and the BAFTAs where you know it's going to be huge. The English Patient barely won any critics awards either.

Anonymous said...

"English Patient" was a bit more accessible than Atonement, which is much colder and more 'difficult' (stealing Nat's term) to emote with.

If you've seen David Lean's "Brief Encounters"(which was one of the main source of inspiration, for Wright's direction) then you'll know what I mean.