Monday, December 17, 2007

Tilda Swinton and Texas ???

...strange bedfellows but god bless. Someone finally gave the alien acting goddess a prize for her inspired work in Michael Clayton and that someone was the Dallas/Ft Worth Film Critics. Never have I been so proud of Texas.

The Southeastern Film Critics Association also spoke up today, slathering themselves with the sweet lotion of conformity: Bardem, Ryan, No Country... all zee usual suspects.

In other awardage news those HFPA apostates over at the Golden Satellites gave prizes to a whole slew of people who were willing to show up. Nah, I shan't be mean. Some good choices there: Viggo, Tom Wilkinson, etcetera... But here's what I don't get. If you're going to separate drama from comedy as the Globes also do, why would you name the supporting category "Best Supporting in a Drama"? if you aren't going to have a comedy counterpart just call it "Supporting" like the Globes do... otherwise it looks like you're saying "you comic supporting players suck! No category for you" Either that or you're just saying "our website sucks. we forget to include all the categories" I also think its lame that all these groups let themselves have six nominees in every category when they already have more categories. What is this, the Saturn Awards? The BFCAs? The Tonys? The Academy is like a model of restraint and sober tough love in comparison.


Glenn Dunks said...

Aah, that's refreshing! Go Tilda!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I went through the roof too. Swinton all the way!

Nice going Dallas. Never thought I'd have a reason to love Texas.

Anonymous said...

That's good, but on an unrelated topic, please consider Imelda Staunton for supporting actress and villain awards in the filmbitch awards. I can picture her being snubbed by oscar, but if you do too, i very well might kill myself

Glenn Dunks said...

Hey, Austin (I think it was Austin) gave their best actress prize to Ellen Page last year for Hard Candy. Those Texan critics are actually quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, as I have said before, Cate's portrayal of Bob Dylan is one of the top 5 performances of 2007. No one can top her, not even Amy Ryan and her portrayal of a drugged out white thrash mom in "Gone Baby Gone" (Cate could easily play this role).

I have seen both performances. Is Amy that good really? I mean, she just picked up the Phoenix Critics Award too. I think even Tilda's performance in "Michael Clayton" is far better than Amy's performance in "Gone Baby Gone". Not sure why all the critics are falling for her??? It's so beyond me!


Anonymous said...

yikes....what of this pesky writer's strike possibly messing up the oscars & golden globes? first no "brothers & sisters"...then a messed up oscars? ouch. please stop punishing me. pay these guys what they want!

adam k. said...

I assume the critics just want Amy to be nominated, and are worried that she won't be unless she sweeps the boards. But it is kind of annoying.

But I don't think it puts too much of a dent in Blanchett's glossy biopic sheen. If you recall, her last oscar was won over a critical sweeper as well (Virginia Madsen).