Friday, December 07, 2007

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links spilling out all over...
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Anne Thompson more Sweeney Todd reactions
-on the ubiquitous (at least in NYC) Martha Plimpton
Flick Filosopher great review of Margot at the Wedding
Berlin Online
-I can't read German but for those of you who can, I've been quoted in this Oscar article
popbytes on the Sex & The City trailer
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Paramount's 2008 schedule
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the Short Film blog-a-thon

gay gay gay
and DListed and Out in Hollywood on that Jodie Foster acceptance speech
HX Woody Harrelson isn't doing press for Paul Schrader's Walker, in which he plays gay. Apparently he wants it to go away
Boy Culture -Cheyenne Jackson's thigh sigh power
Fabulon -Madonna photos. One with a laugh out loud caption

list season
Cinemavistaramascope -top 10 80s fantasy movies
-the 10 most anti-Christian movies. Take that Golden Compass
Guardian 20 best films of 2007


Anonymous said...

I respect the hell out of Foster. Not in the closet at all, hasn't been for years really, just keeps her private life private. As it should be. Hell, I've seen more pictures of Jodie with Cydney than I have of Meryl with her husband. ( Another classy broad who keeps her privates to herself.)

She shouldn't have to discuss gay or straight. It should make no difference either way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sammy Jo. We have been having a discussion on our site about whether or not Jodie purposely hid her sexuality because she wanted to keep it secret, or if she was pressured by Hollywood to keep it quiet.

I am of the opinion that she hid it in order to keep her amazing career, which certainly would have been hurt 25 years ago with such a revelation. I just don't think Hollywood would have wanted her to do that.

On the other hand, I can see why some people think it simply had to do with her intense desire for privacy.

Either way, I hope she has managed to have happiness and fulfillment despite keeping something of a lid on her relationship.

DL said...

I can understand why Woody Harrelson isn't doing press for The Walker; it's one of the most horrendous movies of the year and he is absolutely awful in it.

Cinesnatch said...

I agree with Sammy Jo. (remember her from Dynasty?) So many who have something to say about Foster are so critical of her "lack of courage." Yeah, it would have been nice if she did what Cynthia Nixon did by saying, "Yeah, I'm in a relationship with a woman, now leave us the fuck alone." (not verbatim) But, each to her own.

You can say she's ashamed of herself, but you could also say we live in a culture where people share way too much about themselves (like Britney's hoochie). I mean, come on. Guinevere Turner wrote ten years ago somewhere (and I've referenced this before) that everyone is so hell-bent on exposing themselves for noterity that having a little mystery in life is refreshing. I have to agree with her.

I mean compare her to Travolta and Foster's "sin" of not prancing out of the closet doesn't seem so relevant. Here you have two gay celebrities of equal stature in long-term relationships. But, wait a minute, one of them is living a lie ... it ain't Foster!

The fact that I'm even talking about Foster wanting to keep her private life private makes me a big hypocrite anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love Jodie Foster because I think she's one of the best performers of all time. I don't care about her sexuality. I don't never ask anybody about their sexuality. No matter whether you're gay or straight. That's why this talk on her sexuality has been annoying for years. Leave her alone. Don't ask, and tell only if you want. If you don't want to, it's nobody's business.

- cal roth

Anonymous said...

A quick translation of the opening paragraphs and the last one:

"Cate Blanchett is going to get another Oscar nomination. Nathaniel Rogers is fairly certain about this, even although the most important film award in the world won't be awarded until February 24th and it's still quite a few weeks even until the nominations are going to be announced

The New Yorker is part of an ever growing group of people who occupy themselves with the Academy Awards on the internet - and not just in the last three months before the ceremony, as magazines as Variety or Entertainment Weekly do. On his website The Film Experience, which he's been running for seven years already, Rogers opens the award season on April 1st and dares to forecast, what films and actors will be Oscar hopefuls 10 months later. And once the Toronto Film Fesitval in October has passed, there isn't a day going by when he doesn't engage in his speculations.

Rogers, who earns his living as an internet journalist, runs his website as a hobby, all by himself in without any commercial intent. But when it comes to the Oscars, it's not only about fun any more: "In the beginning, there were only a handful such websites. By now, their number has increased as bunnys do [German figure of speech for: increased a great lot] - even huge media corporations play along this game they ridiculed in the beginning", Rogers says.


Rogers is rather certain that the internet changed the rhythm of Oscar campaigns significantly: "It's our contribution that films don't develop slowly into award candidates by word of mouth any more. Today, everyone has an opinion about the chances of a film before he even watched it." But whether Cate Blanchett is really going to get her second Oscar, even the internet won't know for certain until late February."

adam k. said...

Haha, that translation's awesome.

I'm glad Jodie has made this little insinuation in public now. I don't consider her pathologically closeted by any means - there are obviously much better cases of that - I just think that it must be difficult to have to keep that level of secrecy on something so important when you're (by necessity) such a public person. And it just couldn't have been making her happy. There's a point in this day and age where keeping mum becomes an implicit form of denial - I've been there myself, in my own little life - but with this new Cyndey blurb, it's clearly that Foster is no longer at that point. Good for her.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Ha, that translation. Nath & Cate, Locked in Fate.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jodie's discretion about her sexuality: I think it's classy, how it should be in a perfect world, where you wouldn't have to announce our difference, you just get a boyfriend/girlfriend when the time is right, and no assumptions are made that you'd go for the opposite sex necessarily. Does that make sense? I've worded that a bit clumsily, it's Sat morning and I've been writing way too much this week...

Re: John Travolta is gay?? I thought he has a wife in Kelly Preston?

Re: The Walker - I quite liked the movie. It has this specific tone to itself (maybe it's because of the lighting and sound design) which is intriguing. Harrelson shouldn't be ashamed of his performance, it's ok.


the text of that walker interview really bothered me. I mean for chrissakes, if a straight actor is so uncomfortable playing gay --give that freaking role to a gay actor.

i'm sick of this shit.

[Nathaniel just woke up, hasn't had his coffee]

Alex F. said...

"if a straight actor is so uncomfortable playing gay --give that freaking role to a gay actor."

Or another straight actor who is comfortable playing gay?

As for Foster, sometimes I don't understand the pressure the gay community puts on her. It's like we want her to be our leader or something. Lol. I hope she does what's best for her and her loved ones.

The only criticism I have for her, is professional. She's long overdue for great perf in a good movie! My patience is wearing thing with this century's choices.

Glenn Dunks said...

I think it's more because we've been stuck with so many low grade wouldn't-miss-em-if-they-disappeared types of gay actors (American ones - people like Stephen Fry and such are eternal) and then there is Jodie who is gay but won't come out with it and who is someone that could really do a lot for gay acceptance.

I'm happy for her that she's out there mentioning Cyndey but I'll be more than happy if Jodie remains a private entity. As Vinci said, it's kind of nice when celebrities aren't all over the place all the time.

Anonymous said...

Jodie needs to pick better scripts.