Friday, December 05, 2008

File This Curiosity Under "Very Curious Indeed"


JA from MNPP here, asking the question: Why mess with a great thing, Darren Aronofsky? According to this piece at MTV, Aronofsky is considering making a new-ish version of his 2006 stunner The Fountain.

"“It wouldn’t be a ‘director’s cut,’” he said — more like an alternate story told with the addition of unused footage from the first go-round. This would be a complicated project on a couple of levels, though, and it’s at least a few years away."

It's been awhile and my memory is hazy but for some reason I had thought that the original version Aronofsky had been working on with Brad Pitt in Hugh Jackman's role never actually got around to filming anything. Am I nuts? I could've sworn that Pitt backed out right before shooting was set to commence, thereby throwing the project into turmoil that took a couple of years from all of the world's Aronofsky-movie-watching abilities and made me dislike Pitt for a bit. (And Bradley appears to be playing the same ditching game with Darren again on The Fighter; will you ever learn, Darren?)

I guess I must be nuts if Aronosfky has gone on the record with hopes of integrating this lost footage together into some Franken-Fountain monster thing. I suppose there must've been some effects work and the like done early and that's what he's speaking of?

As far as I'm concerned Aronofsky is a genius and I will watch whatever he wants to make. But I'm perfectly happy with The Fountain as is and I know he had a frustrating experience with the project but I'd rather he just went and made new movies and not turn this into something like Ridley Scott's fifty versions of Blade Runner. If Rachel Weisz turns up on a unicorn, somebody's going to get a very stern talking to!


Anonymous said...

Not so sure I like this, either. I am a big supporter and lover of The Fountain. Hugh Jackman was just phenomenal, one of the best performances of the DECADE - how he wasn't nominated is beyond me. Actors only hope to give turns like that in their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

'The Fountain' is my favorite movie of the decade thus far and I would be willing to walk through any hoop Aronofsky asked me to.
On that note, I have a feeling we are misreading what is being said here. I think it's possible that "the firt go-round" that was mentioned is referencing the first cut of the movie, as opposed to this new cut that he is talking about. I don't think he is referencing the Brad Pitt "Fountain" at all. Though that would be absolutely unbelievable.
I think I am going to go pop in some Clint Mansell and think about Rachel Weisz.

Robert said...

I was also a bit fan of The Fountain, but we're pretty few and far between.

I suppose it's natural for Darren to want to try anything that might get some appreciation for a movie he put so much of himself into.

The film doesn't need changes, it needs time. Give it 10-15 years and it'll be beloved.

Jason Adams said...

You're probably right, Cory. Good call.

I agree on Jackman's performance. Best thing he's ever done, for sure.


yes. shame he wasn't nominated (i fear he's going to be one of those stars who is never recognized on account of he acts in an effortless movie star way ... and visibly effortful is what they like most)

J.D. said...

God, I love The Fountain. It's crazy cinematic anti-perfection or something. And it'd be hard for Hugh to ever top that performance, realistically. He was seriously great.

I'm not sure how I feel on another version, though? It was genius enough the way it managed to be.

Actionman said...

The Fountain is one of the stoniest movies I've ever seen. I love watching it, regardless of the head-space I'm in at the time. Just a glorious, beautiful, and totally unique visual experience.

Anonymous said...

This is just odd. Not sure how I feel about it.

I can't believe of the first 8 comments, we all love The Fountain, though? I wasn't quite sure there were 8 of us in total, let alone in this comment space!


well it's a safe haven here for FOUNTAIN lovers since it did well in my FB awards.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly The Film Bitch was the only award that recognised how great The Fountain is. It really did well.
That make me wonder: How about a list of the all time champions of the film bitch? most nominated film, most medals, most nominated actor/actress?

NicksFlickPicks said...

Fountain fans unite! There are at least ten of us.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I feel like finding a group of passionate Fountain fans is the best part of my week.
Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

There are not enough words to describe how I love The Fountain.
And Darren definitely spouke about current version with Hugh. He did say back then that he had TONS of unused footage (He was shooting every scene in many different versions and was editing almost a year and a half because of that.)
Of course I'll be happy with everything he would be done. But several years? DAMN!