Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let the Right Link In

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The Hot Blog
Best Action Movie. Do the BFCA need another category? We could solve all of these genre problems if all awards groups would only realize that you can be great without being a drama and should be rewarded if you are. In other words if WALL•E or The Dark Knight or Let the Right One In are the best in a year, nominated them for "Best" not "Best of [insert ghetto here]" So sayeth the FiLM BiTCH.

Blah blah blah. Enough of my soapbox. Here is the trailer to the new 20s era queerish biopic (Salvador Dali + Federico Garcia Lorca) starring Robert Pattison, trading creepy Twilight staring for creepy pencil mustache



Glendon said...

The category should have been "Best Animation" and only judge on the technical/artistic quality of the film.

Likewise for "Best Action Movie", it should really be "Best Stunt" and be given to stuntmen who the academy apparently believes are members of a profession unworthy of recognition.


but glendon don't you realize that song lyricists are more oscar worthy than stuntmen. I mean... they contribute SO much to movies with their little rhymes over the end credits ;)

adam k. said...

Okay, I feel like this must be asked:

Did they add this category this year JUST so they'd be sure to have a place to honor The Dark Knight? I'm just sayin'.

It's quite the coincidence that this category happened to appear in the same year as the biggest non-romantic-drama film EVER.

BeRightBack said...

Oh My God, that trailer is so great! I've always wanted to see the history of surrealism in Europe told through the idiom of Cruel Intentions.

As sarcastic as that may sound, I'm not actually sure that I'm not being sincere.



Peter Chan said...

My initial reaction to 'Little Ashes' is that it sounds and looks like the fictional film 'Medellin' from TV's Entourage starring Vincent Chase. It's a little bit over the top at times and a lot melodramatic. Both of them even feature a haunting mustache...

Anonymous said...

No comment on the trailer but does the name Paul Morrison mean anything? Ashes was made a year before Twilight and before Pattinson became the latest teen obsession. Besides he's only supporting and the film belongs to Javier Beltran who plays Lorca.

The film explores how Dali was before he turned into a caricature of himself and told through Lorca's eyes. The premise is interesting, early word is very positive so this has become a must see of 2009 for me.

Anonymous said...

Even if you dont plan to see the film, check out Movie Fanatic's promotional blitz on Little Ashes and the incredible story behind it. It explains alot about how Dali and Lorca became the men they were.

Lorca and Dali's relationship tends to be completely ignored and probably wont be explored in any of the other planned productions about Dali as they focus on his later life when Lorca was out if the picture.

Glenn said...

Adam, if you read the comments at The Hot Blog (where the Best Action Movie thing was posted) you'll see a few people (myself included) derided it as being nothing more than a desperate need to honour The Dark Knight and, thus, appear "relevant".

Karen said...

The trailer for Little Ashes is so unimpressive it hurts. I'll pick creepy vampire over that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that trailer was pretty bad. Which is disappointing, because this story is a fantastic one.