Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Biggest Linker

MTV Movies Will Cronenberg ever return to horror?
Guardian Michelle Pfeiffer talks about her career, her lack of a game plan and Chéri
Movie Marketing
on the different challenges for Wolverine and Star Trek as they gear up to open
[title] of show has a helpful eligibility chart for the TONYs. If your awards addiction extends to the stage, you'll love studying this. [thx]
The Big Picture on why there's no iTunes for movies. Hollywood needs to figure this out pronto methinks. At one of the panels I attended at NaFF they were really concerned about piracy and pointed to the decline of the recording industry. Didn't the recording industry decline precisely because they waited so long to catch up with demand and refused to supply (online that is)?

NYT did you read this piece last weekend on the expanding waistlines of male stars? They got dinged for it in several places online this week but I think it's kind of interesting... if only for the reaction it provoked. I love this astute comment from annanikita on Vulture's piece.
Vincent D'Onofrio, on L&O: Criminal Intent. How much weight has this guy put on in recent years -- 50, 60? Not a peep about it. (Think co-star Kathryn Erbe would still be employed if she put on that kind of tonnage?
So true. But the other thing I love is all the excuse-making the media does for male stars like Russell Crowe, implying he got heavier specifically for those "portly" characters. Er, no. He just got heavier. It isn't like Crowe has been making Raging Bulls lately, you know? His current characters don't need to be heavy, narratively speaking.

But then there's this photo going around of Crowe all slimmed down for Robin Hood (2010). The NY Post thinks it's photoshopped. If it's not faked, I must ask: why the exact same hairdo / facial hair as he had in Gladiator? Perhaps they're hoping the look is a good luck charm? If it is faked, will anyone call them on it when real photos emerge. We have memories like goldfish.

I'm obsessed with this topic right now because I'm gaining weight by the day at this festival. The food is yummy and I'm either watching movies or writing. These things don't burn calories. At least not the way I do them.

Time to work it off by dancing! And Your Little Blog, Too has crafted this dancers a go-go video for you musical lovers. Yay.



Agustin said...

what a great video!!

Katey said...

Regarding the weight gain, have you ever seen a critic who's been in this industry very long who's thin? It's designed to destroy us, I tell you!

Cinesnatch said...

Pfeiffer rocks.

Anonymous said...

Pfeiffer should be more ambitious!

Anonymous said...

"So true. But the other thing I love is all the excuse-making the media does for male stars like Russell Crowe, implying he got heavier specifically for those "portly" characters."

give up life

Cinesnatch said...

Someone who goes out of their way to be the best parent that they can be to their children is ambitious.


katey... a couple and I hate them.

vince indeed

anon #1 i couldn't agree more

Wayne B. said...

This probably sounds bad but this time next year I want to see a movie trailer that states specifically "Academy Award WINNER Michelle Pfeiffer" A part of me doesn't even care if the "Cheri" performance is horrible, GIVE her it. OH NO! Am I starting to think like an Academy member? :O

Joanne said...

What an amazing video. Elvis clapping in time to Wham. Who'd of ever thought they'd see that!! and aren't they all just brilliant dancers!!

Well done to the makers. There really is some talent at there in You Tube Land.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

When you link, I get hit on (at least at YouTube). Thanks for the exposure.

angela said...

Angela said...
I agree with Glenn, Lots of big fish at this Cannes, but I am sure the jury will see the quaility of the little fish too. Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank has a great mix of cast Michael Fassbender(hunger) Kirsten Warring(Rise of the foot solider)Harry Treadaway (City of Ember), But Andrea has also picked some great raw new talent Katie Jarvis,Charlotte Collins and Chelsey Chase to name but a few, keeping things true to life, just as she did in the briliant Red Road. Hopefully could be a big suprise ,like Slumdog.