Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Glenn Close Must Have Great Vision

Will she star in a Bugs Bunny biopic next?

lol. Tonight is the season finale of Damages. If they ever want to work a little more humor into the show Close is up for it.


Anonymous said...

Just the skill Cruella Deville needs to capture rabbits for her rabbit coat! lol

Alex Constantin said...

that hurts


I'm amazed her skin can still stretch that far.

but i love that she just goes for broke here.

Unknown said...

I don't want "Damages" to end!
I'm already out of "Tara", "Battlestar" and "Mad Men" has been gone for quite a while.
What will I do when I'm insomniac now?

Anonymous said...

She's hysterical !

Someone give her a meaty role in a movie again !

PS : Nat, you're mean