Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Well guess what, bitch?"

"I'm better than Annie Oakley and I've got you right in my sight."


J.D. said...

Sigh, if only either film were nominated for Original Screenplay.

Anonymous said...

One of the best scenes in the whole movie. Can't believe it's been almost five years since it was released. I wonder when QT will put out a specialty DVD combining the two volumes.


anon 4:11. THANK YOU. They kept teasing that "the whole bloody affair" thing but then it never seemed to happen. It really needs to be a massive set with tons of goodies and UMA COMMENTARY.

adam k. said...

Isn't it bizarre how Keisha Castle-Hughes and Catalina Sandano Moreno, of all people, were nommed over Uma those two years? Not to mention Samantha Morton's supporting role in In America. It's like they were actively trying to find ways not to nominate her. What a travesty.

adam k. said...

How about a top ten list of best unnominated best actress performances, Nat? Have you done that? It seems like you would have.

Uma, Naomi, Joan, Björk, and the rest need somewhere to find some solace.

adam k. said...

Not to mention Sally, Kate in Holy Smoke! (and Rev Road to some), Ally Sheedy... it seems like there's one every single year.

Sam Brooks said...

Can we see more Uma in good roles, please? And not dreck like The Life Before Her Eyes.

Wayne B. said...

adam k - Isn't that the Academy's modus operandi? Almost every year they forget one excellent performance in the lead actress race, at least in this decade
08 - Sally Hawkins
07 - Angelina Jolie
06 - Maggie Gyllenhaal
05 - Joan Allen
04 - Uma Thurman
03 - Evan Rachel Wood
02 - Maribel Verdu
01 - Naomi Watts
00 - Bjork

p.s. I actually think Catalina S.Moreno was a proper nomination. Love "Maria Full Of Grace", especially the actress who plays Lucy's sister.

Ryan said...

One of THE great female performances of the 2000's.

"(insert voice crack)...I'm just scarred shitless for my baby".

That line reading alone warranted her a nomination. Pat yourself on the back HFPA and BAFTA voters. Sux it Oscar.

P.S. I strongly second the cry for more DVD goodies.

Hayden said...

One of the many reasons I'm sad to see Uma doesn't even make your top 5 in 2004 after WINNING for 2003. One could not be without the other, but if either volume required more delicate, soul-searching work it was the second one, and Uma was spectacular.

Hayden said...

And I think it's a bit unfair to say, as you did (in your FB award summary), that her work in Volume II was "more of the same" because she took what little we knew about Beatrix Kiddo from the first installment and took her to places we could never even imagine. She brought such deep humanity to her that Volume I rarely even hints at.

vince said...

Hope to see her at the Globes next january for Motherhood, produced by the great Christine Vachon. She got good reviews in Sundance and it is said to be a mainstream indie comedy.

She's also playing the nanny in Eloise in Paris, so she's slowly entering the "mother roles" territory as she approach the 40-year-old mark. It could mean more substabtial, mature roles in the future

As of now, she'll probably have fun in Percy Jackson !!


Hayden... my basic feeling was that I personally never felt that it was two separate movies. I've never stopped believing it was solely a cynical move to split them.

So it felt like overkill to give her a second medal. But, yes, she's spectacular in those movies. It's RIDICULOUS that she wasn't nominated. I mean point at laugh at the Oscars ridiculous.

Hayden said...

Understandable. They appear on my top 50 as one film.

adelutza said...


I saw Motherhood @Sundance and if that gets a Golden Globe nomination I'll be really surprised.
It is mainstream all right , but really bad. Not sure where you read those good reviews.

vince said...

@ adelutza

The Hollywood Reporter one was good.

And it's possible to get a nom for a mediocre film at the Globes (I mean, Goldie Hawn in The Banger Sisters ?)

adam k. said...

I agree that Moreno was a good nomination in and of itself, but it's just ridiculous that an unknown foreign actress in her very first film (which was in Spanish) got nominated over a big star doing career-best work in an English-language epic. In a way, I love that people like Moreno can get awards traction, but over Uma?? It just speaks volumes of how much they were unwilling to nominate her. They were really reaching deep for alternates.

The 2003 snub was even more egregious (KC Hughes and Samantha Morton!?!?), but at least that time you could argue that they were waiting to see both parts.

vicne said...

it is well known that Uma isn't nommed because of what she said after losting the Oscar in 1995

the fact that she was evicted from the Weinstein circle after The Golden Bowl is also something to take into consideration, it explains why she hasn't been able to get better parts

Chris Na Taraja said...

Sorry, i can't even see a clip of this movie without thinking about "Wiggle that toe!" and how awful it would be to try and have sex with Quentin.