Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birthday Suits and a Ballsy Actress

Today's stars! Well not literally today's but November 18th. Get a little history. Celebrate one of these cinematic entities today in whatever way occurs to you.

Senors Gilbert, Hemmings and Infante

1836 W.S. Gilbert of 'Gilbert & Sullivan' legend. If you've never seen Mike Leigh's exceptional biopic of this creative giant, Topsy-Turvy, drop everything right now and do so.
1908 Imogene Coca beloved comic actress, mostly known for TV roles
1917 Pedro Infante Mexico's biggest movie star ever. Here he is singing. Pedro Almodóvar fans will recognize this one immediately

1939 Margaret Atwood, best-selling much-awarded author. Strangely Hollywood doesn't seem to have taken to her in a big way. The Handmaid's Tale (1990) starring Natasha Richardson is one of the few adaptations
1939 Brenda Vaccaro, Midnight Cowgirl and she of one of the oddest Oscar nominations of all time... seriously, have you seen Once Is Not Enough? Here's StinkyLulu's look at that Oscar year.
1941 David Hemmings, actor. Star of Michelangelo Antonioni's riveting Blow-Up (1966). Also: Camelot, Barbarella and Gladiator...
1942 Linda Evans, silver helmeted TV diva, Mrs. Blake Carrington.
1952 Delroy Lindo Spike Lee regular, the voice of "Beta" in Up and fine stage actor -- recently saw him on stage with Garrett Dillahunt.
1953 Alan Moore, eccentric comicbook genius: From Hell, Watchmen, etc...
1960 Kim Wildeyoujustkeepmehanginon
1960 Elizabeth Perkins Weeds has cast a long shadow backwards but remember when she was Wilma Flintstone or Demi Moore's bitchy BFF in About Last Night or Tom Hanks's girl in Big?
1968 Owen Wilson to me he'll always be Hansel. And Eli Cash. (mmmm, The Royal Tenenbaums). That scene where he describes the rules of Whack Bat in Fantastic Mr. Fox is pretty choice, too. "It's real simple..."

Finally, a happy 35th birthday to Chloë Sevigny who has never been shy about wearing suits, birthday or otherwise, in her rampage through fashion and film. It seems strange to me that this actress who debuted in the savage Kids and was no stranger to provocations (Brown Bunny, Boys Don't Cry, Gummo) would end up best known for television work (Big Love) ... but at least her excellence is within a semi subversive TV show.

Next Up: Mr. Nice starring Rhys Ifans and Barry Mundy starring Patrick Wilson without his balls. Won't anyone leave Patrick Wilson's private parts alone? I'm talking to you Kate Winslet, Malin Akerman, Ben Shenkman and especially Ellen Page !!!


MRRIPLEY said...

Linda Evans was Mrs Blake Carrington,Steven was her gay stepson,who needs to look up his modern pop culture!!!!!


hahahaha. OOPS. my gay bad.

Fernando Moss said...

love Pedro Infante's mention

Jim T said...

Looool. You're asking for the impossible. Wilson's private parts are irresistible! Even Pacino wasn't able to stop himself :p

Rebecca said...

Re: Margaret Atwood, there was a TV movie made out of 'The Robber Bride', with Mary Louise Parker. I haven't seen it. There's also a movie called 'Alias Grace' in production, but I'm not sure if it's based on the Atwood book.

Magicub said...

Didn't know you we're a fan of Pedro Infante, Toritoo!!

Anonymous said...

KIM WILDE -Happy B-day you re the BEST looking popstar on the planet!

Robert said...

Atwood's not big on letting her works be adapted for film. It's interesting to see her reaction in videos when she's asked about The Handmaid's Tale film. She's a little too classy in her old age to take the razor out from under her tongue and cut the interviewer for bringing it up, but you can almost see the actions playing out in her mind.

Sebastian F said...

Pedro Infante was great. "Muy carismatico". He sings beautifully. He was a fine actor too, especially in comedys. This is a scene from his best one (for me): Escuela de Vagabundos (School of tramps).