Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Curio: Barbies Reborn

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here. Like a lot of women, I have a love-hate relationship with Barbie. In her current incarnation, she is a stripper image of femininity that, in addition to being a bad role model for girls, is just, well, tasteless. But then I'll see a retro Barbie from the 60s and I flip for her exaggerated glamour. In the spirit of the latter, I wanted to share these repainted dolls by Noel Cruz. Noel takes your average fashion doll, like Barbie, removes the factory paint, and repaints the features. After a wardrobe change, the dolls are reborn as some favorite film characters, like this Miranda Priestly doll. Love the wardrobe, and how he managed to capture the essence of Meryl Streep's features (albeit in a streamlined Barbie way).

And he has a slew of actressy dolls too, like this dreamy Nicole Kidman. I could bore my daughter to tears with this one, acting out scenes from Cold Mountain all day.

Noel has loads of other characters and celebrities he's created, all one of a kind. Some are better than others, but all inspire loads more imagination than those fashionista Barbies out there, no?


Anonymous said...

Why does the Nicole Kidman barbie look so realistic? I mean, for someone to look very similar to their plastic mini-me is creepy. Thats a tall tale sign to chill with the Botox.

Michael B. said...

These are gorgeous. What a talent. Can we buy these?

Ryan T. said...

Wow, these are great!

A few comments:
- Celine Dion looks like a guy in drag.
- The resemblance to the real people of the Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie dolls are so uncanny, it's scary.
- The POTC characters are also very very well done. Will Turner and Capt. Jack especially.
- Natalie Portman dolls need work.
- Was it really necessary to do anything to the doll to make it look like Michael Jackson?


yeah, i love these. I had seen the Streep one before and i wrote to the artist to say 'wow'

Alexa, if you ever act out cold mountain scenes for your daughter, please videotape it. Make sure to include the 'i will marry yoooo' bit.

Jim T said...

The Streep doll reminds me more of Miranda Richardson. The Kidman one is great.

Alexa said...

Ryan, apparently he only puts them up for auction occasionally. And Nathaniel, if I ever get my hands on one, there will be loads of video reenactments!

Glenn said...

They are seriously amazing.

I personally find it fitting that the Celine Dion one looks like a transvestite.

Glenn said...

Aaand I just realised Ryan said the same thing!

Joan Crawford looks like Sandra Bernhard.

Anonymous said...

Celine Dion looks like a guy in drag.

Just like the original. Amirite or amirite?