Monday, November 16, 2009

First and Last: Births

first and last, now in its second season

first image
after the opening credits

last line before the credits roll
"In Spain we stopped being scared a long time ago."

Can you guess the movie?
Highlight for the answer: Pedro Almodóvar's LIVE FLESH
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Dusty Hixenbaugh said...

Is this the original Omen?

Unknown said...

Live flesh!

Howler said...

Carne tremula, obviously.
Blah, I was hoping so much to be the first.

Dusty Hixenbaugh said...

Damn. Waaaaaay off.


Dusty... it's quite allright. I love the wild caution-to-the-wind guesses. They do remind us how films are unstable things in our memories. i wish more people would take stabs in the dark!

seisgrados & howler -- you are correct!

Unknown said...

Hey! It's my first win!!!! Can't believe it!

DN said...

First one I knew!! This is definitely Pedro's worst... yet was worth the watching.


DN... i vote for MATADOR as his worst.

but some people swear by that one so maybe i should give it a second try. I think it was the 3rd film of his i saw and I was so not into it... but this was many many moons ago and I was much younger and less Pedro obsessed.

Unknown said...

Oh no! His worst is Kika, definetely!

Nigel said...

I too thought that this was The Omen until I saw the last line. If it wasn't for the dialogue I would have put my house (if I had one) on it.