Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day of Rest (Avec Ludivine Sagnier)

Shhhhhhhhh. Ludivine Sagnier finds ennui and romantic confusion exhausting. She's sleeping it off. (She probably shouldn't be sleeping though. She should wake up and get her ass out of that apartment, double quick. Nobody ever leaves that apartment!).

We'll be back tomorrow with more blog fodder. In truth there's not actually much resting going on chez moi. There's spreadsheets and websites and IMDb pages all over my screen. I'm researching 2010 and 2011 for next week's launch of the new Oscar predictions. Yes, it starts all over again very soon. Stay tuned.

In the meantime... talk amongst yourself, give me clues to what you think will happen this coming Oscar year in the comments right here, or continue conversations that are already in play further down the page. There's even continued conversation to enjoy on that 'this decade's actresses' and the post on Oliver! from last Monday.


Daniel said...
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Glenn said...

I attempted to do a year-in-advance thing, but gave up. I do, however, think Kerry Washington in Mother & Child will pop up (I thought that before the trailer hit with all the Oscar bait), so too will David Michod for his Hesher or Animal Kingdom screenplay. I also reckon Nolan's film will miss out from Pic and Director yet again (I almost want this to happen just so the geeks can have a moment to themselves).

I reckon we've already seen at least one Oscar nominee, Alice in Wonderland for Costume Design and perhaps even Art Direction, but probably not. Lest we forget Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got a nomination in costume design too, as have a lot of Burton flicks.

I'm also thinking Juliette Lewis could be the Stanley Tucci of the season in that none of her movies will really stick, but they wanna nominate her for something and Betty Anne Walters is the most baity so they'll go there.

I'm also hoping that Keira Knightley can slide into the race for Best Actress, but she has a few projects and can't decide which the media will latch onto. Perhaps the one from the screenwriter of The Departed?


yeah. it's absolutely dizzying trying to make sense of the 2010 slate.

Robert Hamer said...

All of the clips and early reactions I've seen from Get Low have convinced me that Bill Murray, barring some sort of explosive out-of-nowhere performance, will win Best Supporting Actor. Even if there will be more deserving actors this year, I just feel like this is going to be a Morgan Freeman/Robin Williams situation, where it's "his time," and the role looks very baity.

Unless Black Swan is a Fountain-level disaster (*commercial*, I KNOW a lot of people loved that movie), I'm also getting serious vibes from Natalie Portman. Darren Aronofsky has always been good with getting great performances and Oscar nods from his actors.

Ashley said...

I think the film that I'm extremely curious about is Inception. Is the Academy going to honor this film after snubbing The Dark Knight? Which actor/actress will stand out? Will it be Ellen Page or Marion Cotillard? Cillian Murphy or JGL? Or is this movie just another Leo show? It will hopefully be a very interesting upcoming season...

Anonymous said...

I just hope that people don't hype up Inception too much i.e. Nine, Lovely Bones etc. the most hyped up contender always dissapoints.

It seems like other than Betty Anne Waters, or maybe Hereafter none of the films seems like typical oscar bait.

Inception just seems like a summer matrix type of film.

Could Johnny ( The Rum Diary), Leo ( Inception and Shutter Island) Brad Pitt ( Tree of Life) actually take in a gold statue next year.

People are actually predicting Chloe really??

Eat, Pray, Love could be The Blind Side of this season.

I'm really interested in Brighton Rock with Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough.

Winter's Bone sounds like it could be a major player.

Could Emily Blunt finally get in the race with The Adjustment Bureau.

Everyone is saying that this is Julianne Moore, Annette Benning and Naomi Watts year? Will it be a Winslet situation it's about time or will it be a surprise Bullock.

Will Mia Wasikowska prove herself with the Kids are All Right and will her Gus Van Sant pic come out this year( it's already in post production).

I really don't know, I just hope it isn't predictable.

James T said...

No one is predicting Winona Ryder for Black Swan so I'm doing it :p

I hope she gets one more nomination. She has a unique face and she is a good actress.

Jake D said...

I'm not sure about Rabbit Hole, but I've given the script a look and Nicole Kidman seems perfect for her role. I doubt the whole thing will register even as much as Doubt did, but I wonder if Kidman and even Eckhart are in for noms? Academy is probably ready to give Eckhart a nom, right?

Jacob Passy said...

The only thing that sometimes boggles me about Natalie Portman is the fact that she was already nominated for Closer.

I wonder if this will affect people who would be inclined to nominate her because its "her time". Similarly, if she wasn't nominated I could see her getting a nomination in the vein of Maggie Gyllenhaal. But that past nomination counteracts that.

I just really think she'll need a blow-out performance to get nominated again, let alone win.

Robert Hamer said...

@ Jacob: Remember, Black Swan is a Darren Aronofsky film. The chances of her giving a "blow-out performance" are pretty high, I think.

Jack said...

My prediction:

The anti-curse of 'Assassination Of Jesse James' will continue with Sam Rockwell joining Casey Affleck, Brad Pitt and Jeremy Renner with a nomination this year for 'Bettie Anne Walker'.

Sheriff George said...

Jay Mohr to get a Supporting Actor Nomination for 'Hereafter'. I've got a feeling about that guy.

Melanie said...

Nathaniel, I like what you did with the font on "Shhhhhhh"

With your attention to detail, you're a true artist.