Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Ten: Actresses For the New Decade

Tuesday Top Ten: for the list maker in me and the list lover in you

We spend a lot of time with the older ladies here at TFE -- the working legends as the case may be. So for a change of pace, some quality time with the young and still-rising. What follows is a list of the ten whose next decade on screen we're most intrigued to watch develop. The cut off for this list was 33 years of age because starting right about there... well, that's a HUGE time for actresses (many win Oscars or give career defining performances at 33/34). Let's look at the actresses who haven't reached that important time yet.

10 Actresses (Under 33) Whose Next Decade We Eagerly Await

disclaimer: This list includes English language actresses only since American distribution of foreign films is so problematic. It can be hard to follow full careers but we could definitely use more Ludivine Sagnier (30), Tang Wei (30) and Ok-bin Kim (23) in our lives.

runners up: Abbie Cornish (27) must prove that Bright Star wasn't a fluke; Anna Kendrick (24) needs to do a musical comedy; Saoirse Ronan (15) we actually expect she'll be more crucial to the decade after this; Zooey Deschanel (30) needs to branch out from or subvert that Whimsical Love Interest rut; Kerry Washington (32) it's not too late Hollywood -- CAST HER NOW!; Zoe Saldana (31) will that double blockbuster year lead to anything substantial?; Maggie Gyllenhaal (32) if and only if she recaptures that Happy Endings/Secretary edge; Keira Knightley (25) but only if she wows in a modern piece soon; Mia Wasikowska (20) a flavor of the year or in the for the long haul?; Romola Garai (27) did we see the depth we thought we saw in Atonement? It's hard to tell; Perversely, we're excluding An Education's Carey Mulligan (24) from the following list because we laid it on a little thick about her future the other day. *backing away slowly*

Gets more beautiful every year. How is this possible? And she's still a few years away from the age of "canonical beauty" and still a decade away from the peak years of Actressing.
Trouble spot: Coasting on beauty. With her beauty that'll be tempting. (See: Mamma Mia!)
What we'd love to see: The return of her Mean Girls comedic timing. But until then, an erotic thriller Chloe sounds like a smart diversion.

After stealing Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist out from under its adorable leads with the power of pure hilarity, she wowed from the sidelines of Whip It and then stole entire chunks of Holy Rollers, too. With all this Grand Theft Movie, someone really ought to hand her a lead role and let her fight off hungry supporting players instead of the other way around.
Trouble spot: They haven't really made movies about funny girls in quite a long while. Hollywood wants its Romantic Comedy leads more Cute than Gut-Busting and the girls in male driven comedy are just window dressing rather than comediennes in their own right. She needs her own What's Up, Doc? But they don't make those!
What we'd love to see: A lead role, period. Or a killer "funny" supporting role in a serious movie, like the one Anna Kendrick landed for Up in the Air.

People are fond of hating on Juno so if you're one of those types, direct your hate her way. See, if she hadn't been so damn good in it, nobody but nobody would've cared. Whip It proved again that she's more than capable of carrying and elevating a film. We worry about Inception ...by which we mean her part in it (Chris Nolan is great at many things... but hasn't shown any particular skill with actresses) and we worry that Page won't have the fortitude to be herself (if you don't like dresses don't girlie it up for the red carpet... pants never hurt the stardom of Hepburn or Dietrich) and being yourself is really the only way to make a concrete and lasting mark.
Trouble spot: Ubiquitous endorsement deal. Those are great for bank but bad for acting careers (see: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson)
What we'd love to see: An auteur using her as muse.

I almost left Queen Amidala off of this list on the grounds that we might have seen it all already. She's already been in our lives for 15 years. But then, taking a look at her upcoming filmography which includes Darren Aronofsky's cool-sounding ballet thriller Black Swan and the potentially awesome / potentially disastrous Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2011) Natalie looks to be taking her share of risks. She may be ruling the screen far better than she ever ruled her tiny corner of the Empire.
Trouble spot: Tends to bore in f/x epics. Keeps doing them. Thor is also on the way.
What we'd love to see: Black Swan. Right. Now.

In truth there aren't a lot of good roles out there for teenagers. Plus, Dakota doesn't seem all that likely as a candidate for high school comedies. But even at 6 she seemed preternaturally wise so was there ever any danger that she couldn't transition from child to adult star? That said, is she trying to transition too soon with her work in The Runaways (sex scenes, drug use, etcetera)? Whatever, she's completely watchable in it. And you have to be completely watchable for long-term stardom.
Trouble spot: Natural ability isn't everything and if she coasts on it rather than pushes herself to mature as an actor...
What we'd love to see: A mother/daughter drama with a formidable actress as co-star.

"Books?" Pike was doing so much for An Education's decadent trajectory as the dim adoptive sister type "Helen" and she was doing it so very differently than she did the lovely sister act in Pride & Prejudice that we want to see how far her versatility goes.
Trouble spot: People who do great work in thankless roles, don't always get thanked (hence the adjective).
What we'd love to see: Joe Wright dump Keira Knightley as muse and focus on Rosamund. (Are they ever getting married or are they kaput? I can't keep up with these things)

She's made such a potent dramatic mark in cinema that people barely mention Dawson's Creek anymore. Which is quite a feat if you think about it. She's terrific in the upcoming marital disintegration drama Blue Valentine (2010) she but that probably doesn't surprise you to hear after the tears she wrung as an emotionally paralyzed wife in Brokeback Mountain (2005) and a lost drifter in Wendy & Lucy (2008).
Trouble spot: Being seen as relentlessly dour and one-note given the heavy filmography.
What we'd love to see: A spiky comedy as palate cleanser. We know she can do it (see Dick, 1999)

Is she a great work-in-progress or a limited beauty? She can play earnest period (The Young Victoria), brutal comedy (The Devil Wears Prada) and dangerous sexuality (Summer of Love) with nearly equal aplomb. But can she do more than one thing at once? All the greats can and that's exactly what's missing in her filmography: the signature role that brings all her parts together with a big starry ka-boom!
Trouble spot: Potential overexposure. She survived The Wolfman just fine (no really, she did) but did she need to do it in the first place? Not every role is right for the hot actress of the moment and you don't want to end up like Scarlett Johansson (renowned for beauty and suddenly not respected much as an actress despite some early displays of skill)
What we'd love to see: Her turn as The Black Widow in Iron... oh, damn!

A lot of the actresses on this list have been hot for some time. At least of few of them will have peaked by now, dashing our hopes at a richer decade to come. Not so with Rebecca who was so sympathetic in The Prestige, so humorously put-out in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, so arm candy in Frost/Nixon and so self-effacing in Please Give. In short, we literally can't imagine that she's already peaked.
Trouble spot: No defined persona. That can be an asset but sometimes casting directors want you to stay in your box.
What we'd love to see: Anything.

We love. Simple as that. And more every year, too.
Trouble spots: As if.
What we'd love to see: Everything she'd like to show us. And definitely another performance as masterful as that Rachel Getting Married turn.
What's your list look like? Loving actresses is for everyone so share it and comment on this one. You know what to do.


DZ said...

You mentioned "Dick"!

Magicub said...

Go Amanda

Hayden said...

I will go to my grave a Claire Danes fan, no matter what the last decade looked like for her. Beneath everyone's radar she made a seamless transition from immature roles like Igby Goes Down to a grown up Gucci girl with excellent leading lady performances in Stage Beauty and her crown jewel, Shopgirl. Either nobody saw it or nobody "got" it, but that's really a performance worth a revisit.

Her performance as Mirabelle Buttersfield is so layered and satisfying that my heart breaks for her every time I watch that ending. And she exhibits a rare quality in actresses her age--selflessness onscreen. The way she consciously dials back on that performance is reminiscent of Julie Christie in Away From her, that kind of effortless facial work that's a sure sign of a real pro.

Whether or not she keeps doing bombs (hello, 2007!), she's sure to pick up some well-deserved hardware for Temple Grandin (HBO). Who knows? Maybe it'll start a My So-Called Career Renaissance.

Hayden said...

But Anne Hathaway is obviously atop my list.

joe burns said...

Definetely Anne Hathaway! Do you think she will be good playing Judy Garland?

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Even if she's not always in a comedy, though, Michelle Williams still plays some remarkably funny characters. Coco in I'm Not There, Claire in Synecdoche, and Cecil in The Baxter...though that last one is actually a comedy. Also, there is a strange pattern of the letter "c" in her comedic roles.

MattyD said...

Anne Hathaway is absolutely my #1, with Carey Mulligan a close #2, then Ari Graynor. I'm chomping at the bit to see these actresses in more!!!

I think I would add Marion Cotillard to that list. Even though she's a foreign actress, and older than the age limit, she's certainly somebody I think will have a wonderful decade.

E Dot said...

Ku-dos on picking Anne Hathaway. She's managed her career flawlessly and it's actually just beginning. I've loved her since she donned the princess tiara and watched, magnetized, as she drifted through a sea of Prada and multiple cigarettes (it was a mattress fire!).

I'm definitely looking forward to what she brings us this upcoming decade!

E Dot said...

Ku-dos on picking Anne Hathaway. She's managed her career flawlessly and it's actually just beginning. I've loved her since she donned the princess tiara and watched, magnetized, as she drifted through a sea of Prada and multiple cigarettes (it was a mattress fire!).

I'm definitely looking forward to what she brings us this upcoming decade!

Catherine said...

Michelle Williams intrigues me. I can't tell whether I think she's a good actress or not, but I always think she's interesting in whatever she does, and no, that's not a backhanded compliment.

Cinesnatch said...

Gemma Atherton.

Cinesnatch said...

Is it time to give up hope on Rachel McAdams? Perhaps she'll have a career resurgence when she's 40?

Catherine said...

Oh, and speaking of North Shore alum, whatever happened to Lacey Chabert? She's the only one of the Plastics you never see around anymore.

James T said...

I like most of these actresses but I wonder, will at least one of them make me love her as much as I love the older ones? Keira is kind of close and Pike is a delight everytime but I don't see her that often.

But how did Hathaway beat Williams in your list? I know quantity isn't everything, but you love three of her performances and only one by Hathaway. (I said "love", not "like".)

And for me, Saoirse is above Dakota.

Danielle said...

Hehe... not... bad....

Well, I'm a Keira fan, but she's not even in the top 10? She has to prove she can do a contemporary film but Anne doesn't have to prove she can do a period piece? I'm NOT angry.. this is really just discussion. =D Well, the fact that she has three modern films + a David Cronenberg film coming out in the next two years should be enough for the top 10, I think... after all this is about what they having coming up, right? Better than others in that top 10 I think.

Anne was amazing in Rachel Getting Married, but hasn't wowed in anything else (and her trouble spot is that she needs to stop with the lame romantic comedies... she seems to be getting a free pass from these) + laughably bad in Alice in Wonderland

Agree about Williams, for sure. I think she's probably our best young actress. Also good call on Rosamund Pike.

Saoirse Ronan should definitely be in there before Dakota Fanning

And yes, Carey Mulligan will be one to watch out for! :)

Even though Marion Cotillard is foreign, she should definitely be in there. Girl hasn't even hit her peak yet and she's already huge.

Please... said...

Scarlett doesn't have acting skills? Says who? Certainly not the people that reviewed her role in A View From The Bridge on Broadway - reviews most of the girls on your list can only dream of: Your hate for her is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I definately think Ronan and Knightley should have easily made the list.

Fanning over Ronan? Ronan's upcoming stuff reads pretty impressively(The Way Back & Hanna). And her range alone makes the difference between the 2 pretty noticeable to me.

And scratch Seyfried, insert Knightley. Of course....just my 2 cents.

Danielle said...

Oh, and I know Keira needs to convince in a modern film (hopefully in London Boulevard she will), but she was just fantastic in Pride and Prejudice, The Edge of Love, and Atonement. Obviously this may just be my opinion (though I think the critics would agree with the first and last). I do think Keira's last couple of years have been a bit dry, but the next two really do look phenomenal. Probably one of the best resumes coming up (at least, I can hope =D).

Jason H. said...

I completely love the Ellen Page selection. She is an incredibly gifted and unique actress, and I hope she can find better roles than just female-sidekick (which she hopefully won't be in Inception).

Lucky said...

I'm not done reading, but I wanted to post this.


and that's awesome. Sorry if you all know this and have already discussed it.

This is the link: http://io9.com/5493660/ellen-page-to-star-in-michel-gondry-time+travel-flick

brandz said...

Nathaniel, I'd be curious to know your Top Ten Legends working in film today. Please share.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I saw Anne Hathaway in the Central Park this summer in TWELFTH NIGHT,and she really can do no wrong. I totally agree with her at the number one spot. I look forward to see what's next for her.

sophomorecritic said...

i had a 25 actress list of last decade if that counts for something......

Marisa said...

I still hope and pray every day that Evan Rachel Wood will be able to start caring about herself and her career enough to stay in the game and show what she can do.

G said...

Marisa, I couldn't agree with you more about Evan. Hopefully, if she does well in Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet, she could get an Emmy nod.


Marisa -- i hope that about Lindsay Lohan (who i've always maintained is gifted) but sometimes it's best to give up and if you're lucky, get surprised by a rebirth.

DZ -- every chance I get.

Hayden -- i think Danes will work forever. but it's been a really long time since i've loved her in anything.

James T -- i'm always wondering that too. But i think it's just a time thing. You can't have MERYL STREEP in the way we think of her now without all those years of greatness snowballing. And it took Pfeiffer and Moore and numerous others several years/movies before their defining works.

Please -- i didn't say ScarJo didn't have acting skill. I said she's no longer known for them despite once behaving like one of our most promising actors. I really hope Scarjo returns with something special but i have my doubts.

Ashley said...

Nathaniel, thank you for including Ellen Page on your list. A lot of people have been saying that she is going to end up like Thora Birch and do bad TV and straight to DVD movies. However, I think she is a great actress who really has done great work way before Juno.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how Inception goes. I'm kind of worried about some of the roles she's been taking lately. She should have kept her role as Jane Eyre. She also has a role playing to Super hero sidekick to Rainn Wilson in James Gunn's Super.

Jay said...

Dunst could be in for a come back this year with All The Good Things. Her V Magazine interview is illuminating.

Couple lesser knowns that could spring a surprise:
Mila Kunis - Black Swan could show her chops
Emma Stone - Funny, charm plus, needs a breakthrough role
Melanie Laurent - Heir apparent to Huppert!

Alex said...

What I need more than anything else right now is for Ellen Page to do something to climb out of the hole she's been digging for herself. I love her in those Juno/Whip It roles, but she is going to be pigeonholed FAST. Even something like Anna Kendrick's role in Up in the Air (which I heard she almost got) would be REALLY great for her career at this point.

Marisa said...

Nathaniel- I agree about Lindsay, but I think for the time being she is truly a lost cause with all the substance abuse, such a shame.

Also, what are your feelings about these rumors of KStew possibly costarring with Julianne Moore in Backwoods? I am not thrilled...

Jay- TOTALLY agree on Mila and Melanie! I cannot wait for Black Swan!

Lucky said...

Well I don't think Evan Rachel Wood is doing bad. She was in Across the Universe which was pretty popular, then in a succesful Darren Aronofsky film and she starred in a Woody Allen movie. Plus she had a guest role in a hit tv show, True Blood.

I really like her and would love to keep seeing her in stuff, but I don't think she's given up.

Andrea said...

the only actresses who have the potential to stay on this list in ten years, for "Top Ten Actresses 30-40" I think, are Rebecca Hall and Michelle Williams. The others I've always found awkward or limited in some way.

Anonymous said...

Someone please give Rose McGowan a meaty role!

adam k. said...

Yeah, Rebecca Hall seems like she will age brilliantly. She has that "old soul" vibe that will serve her more and more through the years.

You don't think Dakota is pushing herself as an actress? I'd say rape scenes as a preteen and sex/drug use at age 15 constitute "pushing herself." I suppose she could do an accent or something. But really, I'd rather see her just lighten up and push herself LESS. Do a comedy, Dakota! But I still love her so much more now than when she was a freakishly precocious child.

Amanda Seyfried is very beautiful in that pic. She really needs to play Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter, STAT. The resemblance is totally there.

I don't know how I feel about Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland, but she certainly seems headed for a long and prolific career.

Night_owl said...

Yay on Annie getting the number one spot, and I specially agree with you when it comes to her trouble spot, she really needs to work on that =0P the first thing she has to do, though, is a freaking musical, like right now. I'm already crossing fingers for nomination number two with Love and other drugs

Me loves the fact that you included Fanning on your list, she gets too much hate :0(

adam k. said...

Doesn't something about Anne as Judy seem not quite right? It's just a little too on-the-nose/obvious in some ways (she can play a strung out addict AND she can SING!), and totally wrong/not thought through in other ways (totally different vocal quality, height, persona, etc.)

I am skeptical, but I'd love to be blown away.

sss325 said...

Ari Graynor should star with natalie portman in the movie Best buds. Its a woman centered road trip comedy. They would be good together

seasondays said...

my list looks like this:

dakota fanning
anne hathaway
scarlett johansonn
keira knightley [i do hope she does something contemporary]
carey mulligan
ellen page [don't forget HARD CANDY]
natalie portman
saoirse ronan
kristin stewart [i think she secretely hates TWILIGHT so she doesn't even try]
michelle williams

Anonymous said...

NAT - LOVE Annie and thank you for even mentioning Romola Garai a divine actress who I am sick and tired of people ignoring. Poliakoff hasnt called her the 'next Kate Winslet' for nothing.

notanotherblog said...

Romola Garai's 27? The Brits are known to bounce back after their 30's, but the girl's gotta do something now.

notanotherblog said...

P.s. Dick is a great movie.

Henry said...

I think Anne's problem is that she may not be able to top Rachel Getting Married. Then again, it's not like she's all that tied to the performance because so few people saw the film. Does anyone even remember she was in Brokeback Mountain (and did a nude scene to boot)?

How did Scarlett disappear from the conversation entirely? Was it her selling out and moving to Iron Man? 'Cause, I mean, she was in Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Rebecca Hall too.

Peter said...

Great list... I would definitely include Lohan and Wood though. I'm definitely intrigued. McAdams, ScarJo, and Dunst are in the honorable mention file.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with No.1. I love Hathaway and can't wait to see her in 'Love and the Other Drugs', which she's winning raves for.

I'm also excited for Wasikowska. She's in Gus Van Sant's new film so I'm definitely thinking oscar bait.

Anonymous said...

Hathaway at #1? Really? Should one solid performance really qualify you for the top spot?

Yeah, yeah she was great in RGM... but Rosemarie Dewitt was better. And what else is there? The Princess Diaries? Cute, yes, but she was no Elle Woods. That leaves Prada, in which she was perfectly serviceable but nothing more, and Brokeback where she was schooled by just about everyone.

Or did you want to submit Get Smart as evidence? Or Bride Wars? Did you happen to see Alice in Wonderland yet? Completely miscast.

Lest we forget Havoc. No, actually, yeah, let's forget that one.

I'm sorry, but Annie needs to prove herself a whole lot more before she belongs at the top of any such list.

Speaking of Brokeback though, can someone please pretty please put Anna Faris in something legitimate? I can totally see her winning an Oscar for some out-of-the-blue but disgustingly strong performance one day, and we'll all pretend like we totally saw it coming all along (a la Monique).

Danny King said...

Awesome list. Regarding Ellen Page, I am similarly worried about her performance in Inception; it seems like a bit of a miscast. And anyone who didn't like her in Juno should go watch Hard Candy and then check back to discuss her acting talent.

If it wasn't for Rachel Getting Married, I'd have trouble seeing Hathaway at #1, but she was just so brilliant in that film that I can't argue with it.

Rachel said...

I agree you about these four:

Michelle Williams
Natalie Portman
Amanda Seyfried
Ellen Page

The rest I'm not that interested in.

M said...

Hathaway = Overrated

1. Interested in Williams and Ronan

Although I understand you saying you think Ronan will be the next decade. Definately more interested in Ronan and she should be there esp since you have Fanning. She probably should have been there instead of Fanning. Ronan has some versatility which a lot of older actresses don't have.

2. Possibly interested in Seyfried, Blunt, Wasikowska and maybe Knightley

NoNo said...

@Henry I think it was because she got outacted by everyone in that movie and she was Woody's muse. Then Penelope out-sexed her too.

In my list, I would rank Keira above Natalie Portman, simply because she doesn't have to live down those Star Wars performances (Which will be Kristen Stwearts problem with Twilight). I think that her slump is no where near as bad Natalie's and Scarlett's. Unless Scarlett gets nominated for a Tony, I don't see her rave reviews boosting her film career.

Evan Rachel Wood is not a lost cause as Lohan but then again who is? I still have faith. She doesn't seem to be sabotaging her career.

Rebecca Hall seems much older than she really is.

I agree that Dakota Fanning is doing too much, too soon! We're not ready to see you like that!

In my mind these actresses are gunning for the same roles:

Hathaway=Portman (with sometimes Knightley)

I think Zoe Saldana will fall into the realm of Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes, if that makes sense. They'll accept her but not completely. I don't know why but I foresee a movie with Nick Cage.

I'm starting to give up on Rachel McAdams. If she doesn't want it, then why should I want it for her? She literally killed her momentum on her own doing. I pray the Malick film works out.

Anonymous said...

Even though I have absolutely no problem with your choices, you, the author, are not very bright.

Ishmael said...

Why do people keep using that fake "nude" picture of Natalie Portman? Isn't the real one good enough?

Ishmael said...

Why doesn't Pike have to wow in a modern piece, btw? Or do you think she wowed anyone in that James Bond thing?
Oh, and if Wright needs to drop anyone as a muse it would now appear to be Ronan :-)

notanotherblog said...

My version of gunning would be:

Hall vs. Eva Green
Portman vs. Blunt
Knightley vs. Mulligan vs. Cornish vs. Garai
Waskiowska vs. Seyfried vs. Wood

And I keep remembering that Winslet and Kidman kept competing for roles, with Winslet winning one or two more thank Kidman. They're like apples and oranges. Whodathunk?

NicksFlickPicks said...

I'd be interested in seeing Graynor or Pike get a lead in something, but I would sprint to see our girl Gabby Sidibe in the next thing she does.

Guy Lodge said...

Rosamund Pike and Joe Wright have been over for almost two years now. And the break-up was pretty harsh ... so I think you need to assign her another director for muse duty!

Love the list.

Willy said...

Thanks for the good list:)cheers for Anne! Also happy for Emily, Dakota, Ellen, Amanda, Tang-Wei and Carey. But I do hope there are rooms for endeering Sally Hawkins who has been so great in Mike Leigh's films or maybe Audrey Tautou (under33?).
Although she has already managed her career so damn well, delivering a good record (totally amazing in Rachel Getting Married), I do feel and deeply hope that there would absolutely be a lot more surprises. Looking forward to everything like you said, especially Love and Other Drugs which has won her good praises. Also, don't forget her extraordinary voice. i think it's not only because of her lovely, bubbly charm and beauty but amazing talents that make her so successful and promising.Just like what Shirley MacLaine has metioned in Oscar that Anne is a good example to all the young actors since she's not afraid to show both her bright and dark sides. But i think the problem she is facing now is how to find a good balence between box-office and great arthouse. Critics hate Bride Wars (and it kind of failed in box-office, too) and Valentine's Day although she fortunately gets rid of most blame. She somehow can't take off the burden of idol. She'll find her way soon, I bet. Go, Anne!

RobUK said...

The fluorescent beige girl.

That's all.

Lev Lewis said...

Guy: If that's the case, I feel awful for Wright. I was standing next to Pike at a Starbucks last TIFF, and she was breathtakingly gorgeous. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

James T said...

Nathaniel, Ari Graynor links to Cornish's imdb page. This is her page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0310966/

canvas art said...

Anne Hathaway is the best !!
Looks and plays great what do you think?

Cluster Funk said...

What, no Lohan? ;-)

Ishmael said...

You (probably) shouldn't feel awful for Wright.
He's the one who (apparently) called off the wedding at short notice.

Evan said...

Nice work, Nate. I had no idea who Rebecca Hall was and then you started spouting off roles. It provided a definite "Oh yeah- *that* girl" moment.

I'm going to make a big statement here, but Anne Hathaway is slightly reminiscent of Katharine Hepburn to me. It's just a glimmer of playfulness in everything she does that really brings out the Kate in her(ex: Brokeback Mountain).

Oh, that Anne would have such a long and varied career...

Liz said...

Saw Knightley on stage and the girl was good. Played the bitch role to perfection. Her next coupld of projects are all modern/ contemporary but they are just taking donkey's years to be released. She'll do well.

For as long as Hathaway continues to do mind-numbing trash like Bride Wars, she's not getting much love from internationally from what i'm seeing.

gingerslam said...

I really don't see Hathaway becoming a very acclaimed actress.Sure,a huge star,but nothing beyond that.She's the next Julia Roberts - trash after trash,with a few good dramatic performances for a change.
My favorite right now is by far Garai.The girl is reminiscent of Redgrave/Christie,she's going to have a long and consistent career if she just stops with the goddamn period pieces.

BrianZ said...

Love the list, though would have Michelle Williams as my #1. Love Anne, but she tends to pick movies (Bride Wars, Get Smart) that I tend to dislike to hate more than ones I care for. Not saying she shouldn't, it just is a factor. Great piece!!

Ryan said...

Very nice list. I’m feeling quite confident about BLUNT, HATHAWAY and WILLIAMS too… and still holding hope for RACHEL MCADAMS.

As for the boys…

RYAN GOSLING (Oscar nom)
COLIN FARRELL (Golden Globe win)
JAMES FRANCO (Golden Globe win)

ShoNuff Lives said...

i was initially upset about the lack of women of color on the list, but spent way too much time trying to think of a few examples.

i saw kerry washington & zoe saldana were there, but i had to cross of the rest of my usual list of nia long, taraji henson, sanaa lathan, sharon leal, gabrielle union, tracey ellis ross, sandra oh, and sara ramirez.

so, i'm left with:
-jennifer hudson, who's really going to be a supporting player if she decides to continue to act (though she should)
-gabby sidibe, who's got the weight issue restriction but would be spectacular as a comic lead - can someone introduce her to adam mckay, please?
-keke palmer, who's apparently given up her promising acting career for a singing career (bad choice, the economics are much better in acting, dear)
-michelle rodriguez, who will never get a really serious lead role again since she's a wreck on set
-natalie morales, who really deserves to break out from her tv roots
-dilshad vadsaria (from tv's greek), who has zero movie credits on her imdb page and really needs to change that

its disappointing that there's such a lack of options, both in ladies and in roles, to choose any potential from.

(in the white girl category, i'd also include kristin bell, but the child needs to get some decent material.)


the only reason i left Gabby off (who i love) is that since she's already signed on to a potential Showtime series, I'm assuming she'll stay with television.

mrripley said...

What about emma watson doesn't she get out of harry potter this year.

what about the current cream of the crop of actresses 32 + will any of these still be relevant in 10 years


any1 i missed

BORJATDL said...

I think that Michelle Williams is the best actress of her generation and could do every type of role but I agree with you, she needs a good comedy to prove that she is not that sad girl in an indie drama.

I miss Kirsten, of course. I know she is not in her best right now but a decade is enough time to come back and be the great star she already is in my book.

What about that comedy with Natalie Portman, "Best buds" about two best female friends who “take a road trip to their friend’s wedding in order to save her by bringing her weed? Mmm... the perfect project for these three... Natalie, Kirsten and Michelle together should be a dream come true for me.

Great blog btw.

s.p. said...

To the people commenting negatively towards Anne Hathaway, very few of the actresses on this list can act on stage or even do Shakespeare the way she did in Shakespeare in Parks' "Twelfth Night". How many actresses on this list can carry a film on their shoulders ? It takes more than acting talent, but you need charisma, grace , likability , and gravity. Anne can pull this off easily. How many actresses on this list can sing , dance , perform the way Ms. Hathaway can?? I can't see anyone on this list pull off the brilliant song & dance number at the 2009 Oscars the way Anne did. Unfortunately, she has to do some crappy & profitable movies so she can be commercially viable to get access to prestige films. Anne is one of the few young actresses that will have a long & varied career doing indie films, commercial films, and stage work. "Love And Other Drugs" will not be out until November 2010, and she is already getting great rave reviews & strong Oscar Buzz . Great list Nathaniel !!

P.S. , she was wonderful hosting in SNL in 2008

Julie said...

I'm kind of worried about Ellen Page as well. I really really hope that she could be a sort Katherine Hepburn of this generation. I can't think of a young actress right now who has her sort of persona except for Ellen. Right after Ellen got her nod, she should have gotten some better roles that could show what she's capable of. If she can get good roles, she could be a very important actress.



i probably should have included KIRSTEN DUNST who i am a longtime fan of. but i don't want to jinx her. Which is why KERRY WASHINGTON is outside the top 10. when i love someone too much, i jinx them ;)

billybil said...

Sometimes you unnerve me - I was thinking about this exact subject just last night in the bath...

I sort of agree with you regarding Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson - I was really interested in them in the beginning but they both annoy the s___ out of me right now. ATONEMENT was not a good thing for Keira to do, in my opinion. It made me find her very wanting as a female lead. And Scarlett just seems so lazy and uninteresting.

I'm not very interested in Anna Kendrick or Maggie Gyllenhaal either. I thought Anna was rather ordinary in UP IN THE AIR and, even though I was fascinated by THE SECRETARY, there is something about Maggie that I don't find interesting. I hated her in BATMAN - totally wrong and would have much preferred seeing Mrs. Cruise again (I know!) - and I'm actually resisting seeing CRAZY HEART because of her. (This makes me sad but it's true.)

I'm sort of apathetic about: Michelle Williams (I know, it's an outrage!) and Emily Blunt. We'll see.

Dakota Fanning is a super little actress but she's still so young.

Natalie Portman is a real confusing one for me. I sort of adore her and I sort of find her annoying. I do look forward to seeing BLACK SWAN which may put my dilemma to rest, one way or the other. (I liked BROTHERS, however - I really liked all 3 of them in it!)

I am really p_____ off because I think Rachel McAdams and Evan Rachel Wood are very cool but are being wasted/wasting their talents. I am so hoping that McAdams gets some really fantastic roles! She could be so great. And MILDRED PIERCE is the right idea for Wood.

Rebecca Hall was fascinating in VICKY CHRISTINA but not quite fascinating enough to put her in my hot list. I am looking forward to seeing her in something else though.

But right now, these are the young actresses that I'm actually "excited" about(mostly due to one fabulous performance that really caught my fancy and promised super cool possibilities to come).

Abbie Cornish, Marion Cotillard (for me NINE really opened her up in my eyes), Claire Danes, Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page, Rosamund Pike, Saoirse Ronan, and Amanda Seyfried.

Obviously, Claire and Anne have done a number of things I've really enjoyed.

I, too, am disappointed that there aren't more exciting multicultural actresses out there with great parts. I'm afraid Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana don't do it for me (yet). Also, I'm dying for another Sonia Braga and Gong Li!!!

billybil said...

Oh, and Kirsten Dunst does NOT do it for me. I will avoid seeing a movie she's in unless it is an absolute must not miss. It's odd how people respond differently to performers, isn't it? You can see why it takes all kinds in the world...

archer said...

My list would be ( with actresses that they are speaking the same language: here english...)

Abbie Cornish
Emily Blunt
Keira Knightley
Ellen Page
Carrey Mulligan
Kristen Stewart
Saoirse Ronan
Evan Rachel Wood
Scarlett Johanson
Natalie Portman
Michelle Williams
Maggie Gyllenhaal (the oldest...)
Rebecca Hall

I don’t know very well the American actress Dakota Fanning.
Hopefully, people respond differently to performers, Billybil !

Ishmael said...

Here's a link to the original image that was doctored in order to produce the fake Portman picture Nat used in this post.

Craig said...

Thanks for a great in-depth list of the best of the current crop of young actresses today!

An actress whose potential intrigues me is twenty-eight-year-old Jennifer Hudson. Already an Oscar winner for 'Dreamgirls', she proved that she is more than a one-note performer with her turn in 'The Secret Life of Bees'. Hudson held her own with veteren actresses Okonedo, Latifah and Fanning.

Now cast as the lead in Darrell Roodt's 'Winnie', the soon-to-be-filmed biopic of Winnie Mandela -- and co-starring Morgan Freeman (again) as Nelson Mandela -- Hudson may prove to be one of the best actresses of her generation.

Few performers have managed dual careers as both acclaimed actresses and singers (Doris Day and Judy Garland jump to mind). Most haven't successfully made the transition (read: Madonna). I feel Hudson is realizing her potential in both fields.

Danielle said...

Adam M: thank you! One good role does not make you worthy of the #1 spot, IMO (especially with quite a few duds to the name).

s.p.: Anne's role in Twelfth Night was probably one of the easiest Shakespearean characters to perform. I'm not saying she wasn't good, but it wasn't exactly the challenge of the century. And I for one am very turned off by Anne's personality - to me she lacks the grace and classiness that actresses like Michelle, Emily, and Keira possess.

Liz: indeed! Keira is now a Laurence Olivier nominated actress - and it was her debut role on stage as well. That coupled with the movies she has out this year and next.... she's going to be huge.

Billybil: After Pride and Prejudice (in which she proved she can carry a film on her shoulders), Atonement showed off her versatility and style - she perfectly reincarnated the acting style of old, portraying such hollywood grace and charisma. It's like she stepped out of the 1940s. Absolutely divine.

It really is a sham she didn't make the list. :(

Jason Adams said...

Nat, have you watched the Red Riding trilogy yet? Rebecca Hall's very very good in the first film.

One thing I think Michelle Williams has going for her that I haven't seen her play up in a film yet is how freaking beautiful she really is. She always seems to downplay it on-screen, but I rode in an elevator with her a few months ago and she made my jaw drop. She actually seemed to glow in person. Once she finds a role and a director that taps into that I could see her her becoming one for the ages. Do a glamour role, girl! Isn't she supposed to play Marilyn Monroe at some point?

Anonymous said...

Carey Mulligan right now is a bit of a personal obsession, so she is topping MY LIST, hehehe.

For the people that think Hathaway is overrated, at least she gave one outstanding performance, why Seyfried is in this list I dont know. For her awful role in Dear John? or maybe for that train wreck named MAMMA MIA?

PS - I kind gave up on MacAdms too, I mean she turned down several jobs to come back in that forgetable role in Sherlock? no thanks


anon -- I gave up on McAdams awhile ago. Doesn't work much and then chooses such iffy projects. strangeness.

Seyfried is a questionable call i know. But she's great in Mean Girls and Big Love and she's so fantastically beautiful that she's got at least another 6 years of steady employment coming up in which to prove herself.

Ben said...

I'd also put Michelle Williams at the top of my list, almost purely for her heartbreaking performance in Wendy and Lucy. Plus, she always seems to make smart, interesting choices as well.

Romala Garai would be my Number 2. I would argue that whilst she does a lot of period films, they're not all from the same period. There's a distinct difference, say, between her performance in Angel (which pretty much holds that film together, bolstered by the fantastic Fassbender) and in Vanity Fair or even I Capture The Castle. Of course, her best work was as Gwendolyn in Daniel Deronda.

Praying for career resurgences from Dunst and Johansson and for Rachel McAdams to show us what she''s got.


Ishmael -- i changed the photo. I'd seen it so many times i assumed it was real.

Ben -- i think i need to see more Romola Garai for sure. i haven't seen some of those.

Random_Reader said...

@s.p. Amen to that!

Some people here pointed out that Anne's done some crappy films and are wondering how/why she gets away with it, simple; because the film may be crappy but she makes it at least watchable and elevates the movie a bit + ends up being the best thing about it.

What's that, Anne needs to prove she can do a period piece? Try Shakespeare! Yeah the easiest Shakespeare role out there, then you try and do it.

Sorry to the Knightley fans but that one GREAT performance blows anything Knightly has done out of the water. And I really don't see why they both should be compare but you guys seem to be wondering why an actress that can't seem to prove she can do anything but wear a corset in a movie didn't rank above an actress that has shown versatility in her roles, and demonstrating that loves the challenge always trying to play something different. And that has multiple talents.

Steve said...

I love Dakota and enjoyed much of her work but to pit her against Saoirse is impossible. Saoirse Ronan can square off and win against mature actresses so Dakota won't be much of a challenge to her. Dakota is talented but Saoirse is a bit of a freak, way too gifted at that age.

Seyfried can't act, sorry and Hathaway is probably the most overrated actress at the moment.

JoFo said...

I'd say:

1. Anne Hathaway
2. Michelle Williams
3. Saorise Ronan
4. Kristen Stewart
5. Ellen Page
6. Keira Knightley
7. Carey Mulligan
8. Zoe Saldana
9. Natalie Portman
10. Emily Blunt

I'm not saying that I love these actresses, espescially Kristen Stewart, but I they're picking up steam.


JoFo and Steve -- i don't think Dakota is a "better" actress than Saoirse. This list isn't about talent only (that's just part of the equation) but about the ones i'm most curious to watch develop this decade.

I dunno why but i see Saoirse going to college and not working for while... I always hope that the young actors and actresses take a few years off to live and get some real life perspective -- fame being so much easier for people who come to it later -- and come back blazing in their mid 20s... like Jodie Foster.

DJ said...

"wear a corset"
--In Atonement, The Edge of Love, etc she doesn't wear a corset. In her stage production this year she played a modern character. She will have three modern days films out this year.
If you think she does too many period films, I think Anne does too many crappy films. Just because she elevates a *horrible* movie doesn't mean much, sorry.

"loves the challenge"
--right, because her roles in Valentine's Day, Bride Wars, Alice in Wonderland, etc. were challenges?

Maybe you think Anne's performance in RGM blows Keira out of the water, but I simply disagree.

BORJATDL said...

Hey, I´m here again... please, don´t give up with Rachel McAdams, she can be very good with the right material. Until now there is a lack of strong projects in her resume, you know, A directors, but her next two movies are with Woody Allen and Terence Malick, not so bad! I think she will prove what she is capable of.

About Kirsten, ok, I´ve got your point, she is out of the list cause you don´t want to ruin her chances. Then is ok for me! ;o)

P.S. Sorry by my poor English, I´m from Spain.

Latina.Girl said...

Good to hear I'm not the only one with Hispanic background here^^ Saludos desde Centro America, BORJATDL :)

Now back to topic. Yeah, I gave up on McAdams a while ago, though, I never saw much on her, she stole Mean Girls from Lindsay Lohan, but so did Amanda Seyfried.

I'm happy to read Dakota Fanning's name on that list, she was one of my favorites when she was a kid. I mean she was like 5 when she did I Am Sam and was on the same level as Penn and Pfeiffer.

I agree with your number one; Anne Hathaway has great potential, can't believe noone has cast her in a musical yet, she was magnificent last year at the Oscars, as someone mention before, I doubt any other actress could have pulled that off as graciously as she did.


Latina Girl -- ah, but LINDSAY was g-r-e-at in Mean Girls. practically everyone in that movie nailed their roles. and i'm hoping Hathaway just hasn't done a musical yet because she's waiting for the right one.

Borjatdl -- i'm happy to reconsider if McAdams decides she really wants it, the fame / the A list career.

Nate said...

Anne has one good performance and she's #1 "rolleyes". Bride Wars, Valentine's Day um really. She's usually awful, but if you like it then I really question your taste.

Michelle Williams, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emily Blunt and Kerry Washington are all better and more interesting than Julia Roberts part 2.

gabrieloak said...

I guess Mulligan was to obvious for the list but I would put her or Saoirse Ronan on a top 10 over Dakota Fanning. I also like Sarah Polley but she seems to be acting less these days.

Someone mentioned Romola Garai. I've been a fan of hers for a while but then I saw her in Emma recently and she was really disappointing.

Lucky said...

I feel like Rachel McAdams, Keira Knightley and specially Natalie Portman have already "made it", so they don't need a lot of people rooting for them. Whatever they do, I'm sure people will watch, and if they do crappy films and people don't watch, it's not like they'll fade.

That's why I'm personally more interested in Saoirse Ronan, Amana Seyfred, Ellen Page and Emily Blunt.


Nate -- I'm done pushing Kerry Washington. I felt like i was jinxing her i was rooting for her so publicly and so often. As for whether or not all those women are more talented than Anne Hathaway? I think the obvious answer is "we'll see"*

i do feel like emily blunt hasn't yet given a multi-faceted performance (though I think she's usually good and once great "Prada") and as detailed in other posts, I really feel and am depressed by, Maggie Gyllenhaal's trajectory. I don't understand what happened to that BRILLIANT actress who made "Happy Endings" and "Sherrybaby". I do hope to see her again.

*and again the list is a speculative list about the following decade. It's not an evaluation of how good they've been in the past. but about what we think they might be moving towards.

aclp said...

Nathaniel, I know you are a HUGE Anne Hathaway fan but this is getting a bit over the top.

One good performance- ok, one very good performance, but still no Streep's Sophie or Mirren's Queen- ONE very good performance and she's already number one?

Do you really think she has no weak spots? Nothing to work on? Nothing to improve? She can do anything? Everything? Really?

Hum, if Knightley needs to prove she can do a modern piece, Hathaway has to prove she can do period pieces.

Accents??? Her attempt at one at "Becoming Jane" was embarassing to say the least. It was laughably ridiculous.

(Accents are also a huge problem for Portman. She cant do one to save her life).

She was really good in Rachel GM, but I also think DeWitt was better.

Prada? Well, she didnt embarass herself or others. She was ok. Nothing more than that. Ok. Blunt kind of humiliated her on that one.

Havoc???? Well......speaks for itself. I'll save us all the embarassment.

Get Smart? Bride Wars??? really?? Bride Wars???? Valentine's Day?

Brokeback- Iconic, legendary, flawless, timeless, wonderful performance by Heath Ledger. one to be remembered for many many years to come. Amazing work by Michelle Williams- subtle, quiet, mature, deep, heartbreaking, layered, soulful, meaningful, deep. Very good performance by Jake G. as well.

Anne....was kind of there. They all acted circles around her. Even Anna Friel outshone her when they had scenes together.

Passengers????? Well.......Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad!

So what has she done to be put on such a pedestal and be considered as so above the others and with no flaws or week spots???

aclp said...

I dont understand what was it in Hathaway's performance in RGM that was so much better and miles above Maggie G's performance in Sherrybaby. Or Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen.

Look at Michelle Williams: Mindblowing performance in Wendy and Lucy-should have been nominated for that one, wonderful in Brokeback, very very very good in Land of Plenty, did very well with the material she had in Shutter Island, is being raved for Blue Valentine, and still she is not considered good enough for you top spot???

Ronan is becoming scary, so good she is for her age. The depth, the maturity, the intelectual curiosity she seems to have is amazing for her age.

aclp said...

I dont understand what was it in Hathaway's performance in RGM that was so much better and miles above Maggie G's performance in Sherrybaby. Or Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen.

Look at Michelle Williams: Mindblowing performance in Wendy and Lucy-should have been nominated for that one, wonderful in Brokeback, very very very good in Land of Plenty, did very well with the material she had in Shutter Island, is being raved for Blue Valentine, and still she is not considered good enough for you top spot???

Ronan is becoming scary, so good she is for her age. The depth, the maturity, the intelectual curiosity she seems to have is amazing for her age.

aclp said...

I do agree with you though that Anne seems to have a warmer and more approachable personality than, say, Williams or Knightley, which seems to be working on her favour.

Not only that, but it seems that she doesnt want to be an actress. She wants to be a movie star, and It girl, a fashion icon. She is on every single party, red carpet, fancy event, is presented on a magazine every other week, goes to every talk show.

What I find strange is that she does that while she seems to have a "above it all" atittude, as if she is trying to sell herself as a serious, intellectual, deep actress while she cant pull a Williams or a Page and completly remove herself from the glitzy Hollywood scene. (But she did manage to pull an Aniston and cry pity and use the simpathy card to profit over her break up)

And at the same time that she sells herself as a deep serious actress, she still wants to be a fashion icon (and she has Rachel Zoe to thank for that), a media darling, the girl next door, America's sweetheart, a box office queen...Its too much.

And still....compare her body of work with Kate Winslet's when the latter was her age (27?). Look at how many breathtaking performances Winslet already had. Look at the directors Winslet had already worked with.

At her age, Witherspoon already had two recent pop culture icons under her belt: Tracey Flick (the brilliant Tracey Flick) and Elle Woods.

I dont understand why lately she has been treated as the second coming. As if she were Katherine Hepburn. Or Bette Davis. She is still not. Hasn't shown yet that she will ever be.

Unknown said...

LA HATHAWAY! Great list!

Latina.Girl said...

Oh, I'm not saying Lindsay Lohan was bad in Mean Girls, they all were great, is just that out of the plastics I rank them McAdams, Seyfried, Chabert and then Lohan.

She used to be a great child-actress, she was just adorable in The Parent Trap with her cute British accent and all, just adorable. Such great potential, what a waste, hopefully one day she'll make a comeback.

Oh, and *crossing fingers* on Hathaway picking up a great musical, I would love to see her take on a character like Roxie in Chicago or Elphaba in Wicked. I really don't care I would settle with her playing Belle in The Beauty and The Beast.

DJ said...

"She is on every single party, red carpet, fancy event, is presented on a magazine every other week, goes to every talk show.

What I find strange is that she does that while she seems to have a "above it all" atittude"

Exactly. Her schtick during the 2008 awards run was AWFUL. Talking about how famous she has gotten right in front of RDJ and Mickey Rourke. Girl... please.

Great List said...

LOL at those Keira Knightley fans trashing Hathaway, and posting multiple times.

Noone is saying Hathaway is the best actress ever, I don't read any post here comparing her with Streep or Mirren.

And how irrelevant is pointing out that she does crappy films, everybody in film business has at least a couple of crappy films.


@Amanda -- I appreciate passionate debate so i thank you for sharing. I do however think she was much better in Brokeback Mountain and Prada than people give her credit for. Was she the weak link in each film's central quartet? Yes. But the central quartet was GREAT. so being the weakest out of an amazing foursome isn't so bad, you know? And in both cases she had the least interesting stuff to work with.

oh and as for Anne having no weak spots. That was kind of just fannish glee, a fun way to end the countdown. no, i don't think she's perfect.

my point is: i think she's only just begun to show what she can do.

@DJ -- i'm not sure i see this 'above it all' attitude. she seems like a warm star to me. she definitely doesn't seem to look down her nose at her good fortune the way some stars do (cough *kristen stewart*)

billybil said...

I feel awful. I got careless in my comments the other day and went too far. Not that my opinion matters much to anyone but myself but I really don't like what I wrote. So - truth is - Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Anna Kendrick, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Kirsten Dunst are lovely women who have given wonderful performances and have rightfully achieved a high level of success in a very demanding business. I mean, who the hell cares what I feel about them. Brava to them all! In this environment, I'm really gonna try to remember the adage - if you don't have anything positive to say, keep your mouth shut.

gabrieloak said...

Seyfried is very good in Chloe. I hope she gets more roles like that one.

I have to say after seeing Maggie G. in Crazy Heart I'm over her. The last time I llked her in a film was probably Stranger Than Fiction. Go figure.

aclp said...


What was that all about?Talking about how famous she had become? Where and when did it happen? What was it like?

Thank, Nathaniel.

aclp said...

JA you're right. Michelle Williams is a case of constant deglam. She is so pretty (that skin!!!), has such cute, delicate, angelic features but always downplays it.


maybe Michelle got scared off by playing up her gorgeousity (The Deception) and having the movie be so bad (not her fault but...)

s.p. said...

It is ridiculous to compare Anne Hathaway to Mirren or Streep. Just focus on Anne's talent. Keep in mind, Meryl Streep was given access to many great female roles ( and well written-movies). Today, most screenwriters & film producers are not deeply concerned about rich & complex female protagonists- it is not their priority. Definitely, my heart goes out to most young actresses because of the lack of roles with depth- and it is more competitive.

Every actor has to do talk shows & magazine covers to promote her fillms. So, why treat Ms. Hathaway differently ? Every interview I have seen of Anne , she always come across as very humble ,gracious, smart, articulate , and incredibly funny, and sometimes a little nervous.

P.S. I wish all the actresses on this list the best of luck.

aclp said...


Maybe you are right. That movie was really, really, really lame. What a waste of talented actors (even charlote rampling was there, for christ sake)

notanotherblog said...

Michelle Williams was glammy enough for Shutter Island. But then a lot of people have mixed minds about that movie.

Night_Owl said...

@S.P You are my new best friend ;o).

Those chicks trashing Hathaway on here are just jealous she is more likable (among critics and general public alike), and bankable than that costume-drama actress of theirs.

49 50 said...

Doesn't Camp count as a musical comedy for Anna Kendrick? And she killed in it. Love the list, love Miss Anne.

folkinz said...

How is Kristen Bell not on this list? She just needs to stop doing bad romantic comedies and do something smart, a dark comedy would be best.

Lorena F. Pimentel said...

I'm so glad that we share our number one spot -- I've repeated again and again how Anne Hathaway is a bright and fortunate promise for the future of film-making.

There are also a number of other ladies on the list who also seem to have a promising career.

Steolicious said...

My List:
01. Emily Blunt
02. Rebecca Hall
03. Rinko Kikuchi
04. Amanda Seyfried
05. Sally Hawkins (33)
06. Ellen Page
07. Saoirse Ronan
08. Carey Mulligan
09. Keira Knightley
10. Dakota Fanning

Runners Up:
Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, Abigail Breslin, Jennifer Carpenter, Michelle Williams

Castor said...

Uh hello?! The complete omission of Rachel McAdams is pretty shocking :) Even though she sort of disappeared off the radar for a couple years, has she ever given a less than good performance ever? Most people probably haven't paid attention to her more recent indie work like Married Life and The Lucky Ones but she was absolutely fantastic.

One has to realize that not everyone wants to be a movie star and she revels in being an actress first and foremost. If you guys associate "wanting it" with becoming a huge mainstream movie star ala Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon or Angelina Jolie then I'm glad you kept her off the list.

Glad to see Ellen Page in there, she is starting to branch out from her usual witty chatterbox roles and I also big hopes for her!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned a disclaimer at the beginning to say that this involves all english-speaking actresses but it seems you forgot a disclaimer to say that this is only WHITE english-speaking actresses. whoever made this list should be ashamed that you forgot to even look at actresses like America Ferrera and you can say how there aren't enough of them out there but its you and your blogs that promote the overuse of white actresses in virtually every movie we see.

Clover said...

anon 11:22, I think we have to be realistic. we all know how this indisutry works, and they usually don't pay that much attention to black or latin actresses. And that's the way it is. And I'm not saying it should be that way. It's way more likely to see white actresses getting more work and attention, that's why the 'Actresses of the New Decade' lists tend to include mainly white women.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Anne Hathaway? Seriously? She's terrible. And honestly, "Rachel Getting Married"?? That's probably the WORST film she's ever done (with the possible exception of "Ella Enchanted").

TeeWhy said...

Its sort of insulting to me personally in placing Ellen page in at number 8, and Dakota Fanning at number 6.

Have you even seen hard candy and The Tracey fragments? along with Ellen pages other films which you have mentioned.

Yes Dakota Fanning is talented, but so is Ellen page and shes got a academy nomination to back that up.

So i think you need to make a stronger argument about placing Dakota in front of Ellen Page

Zeelee said...

Suprisingly you omit Saoirse Ronan who can act anyone off the screen. I
know you said in ten years time, but her talent is unquestionable. She is without doubt top of my list. I look forward to her upcoming roles with relish.