Thursday, March 11, 2010

Psycho-Linkasis (Starring Viggo Mortensen)

My New Plaid Pants Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen onscreen together. For David Cronenberg? And they're playing psychoanalyst giants/friends/rivals Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung? Please let this be as masterfully sick as Dead Ringers! This is the best movie news since The Hurt Locker's Best Picture win. It's even better news than that if the movie is great.

The Playlist Two new Wizard of Oz movie projects and neither of them are Wicked? Okay worst movie news of week.
Coming Soon Lone Scherfig (An Education) is moving on from Carey Mulligan and on to Anne Hathaway (!) The movie is a romance called One Day (co-starring Jim Sturgess).
MTV Amanda Seyfried will be The Girl With The Red Riding Hood for teen-girl angst obsessed Catherine Hardwicke (thirteen, Twilight).

Flaunt Magazine has a feature interview with Vincent Cassell, he of the Monica Bellucci loving, good French movie-making and Eastern Promises closeted Viggo-lust. Regarding the latter: Isn't everyone gay for Viggo... or shouldn't they be?

I bring this up primarily because I always look at Flaunt Magazine in the book stores (pretty pictures!) and I never buy. So I felt a sudden pang of guilt when I got the press release on this new issue. And no, I have no idea why there's an albino peacock on the cover instead of Vincent Cassel. But I like this bit on French cinema
“Things are very different in France,” muses Cassel. “In Hollywood there’s politics; young actors have to do big, stupid movies to eventually be a box office figure and have access to great directors, stuff like that. But in France the market is a little different. In a minute, you know everybody, so you stick to what you like because, otherwise, you won’t be able to come back to it.”
You can see American actors struggling with this all the time. See Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman's frequent trips into films they aren't suited for in order to maintain their fame levels and enormously salaries within the drama-hating reality of the American box-office.

Antagony & Ecstasy
"in the spirit of whiny, unconstructive criticism" names the 10 worst best picture winners
The Awl Apple's subconcious / conscious take-over of the movies and especially Sex & The City

LA Times Variety lets its best known critics go. Such a different world than it used to be. Pretty soon PR departments will be the only paid opinion-makers... which is something I'm sure The Corporate Machine always wanted.
Film Essent defends Jason Reitman post-Up in the Air Oscar loss
/Film Clint Eastwood is now the director for that Dustin Lance Black scripted J Edgar Hoover biopic. What a strange combo?!?!


Andrew David said...

What you fail to mention about the Cronenberg film is that it's adapted from a play by Christopher Hampton... playwright of Dangerous Liaisons!!

James T said...

I would prefer Waltz but it does sound interesting as it is. Will this be Michael's chance to NOT seem sexy? It will certainly be a challenge.

Dimitra said...

Waltz/Fassbender would have been great, but Montersen is awesome too...not to mention the fact that Waltz leaving due to schedule conficts with Water For Elephants makes me want to read the book even more. So does the duo Hathaway/Sturgess make me feel about One Day

Peggy Sue said...

Oh, I can't wait! Hope there's a lot of nudity on it

DJ said...

Hey, don't push Dame Keira to the background; if my understanding is correct, she's really the "lead" of the film.


Dimitra, I didn't think Water for Elephants was as great as other people did but it's definitely an easy enjoyable read. Especially recommended if you like circus-settings.

and there definitely aren't enough circus movies so I'm glad they're making it. Now where is JODIE FOSTER'S FLORA PLUM?

sally p. said...

It is a great career move ( and artistic move) for Anne Hathaway to work with Lone Scherfig . Scherfig has this great ability to convey the intelligence , complexity , & nuance of women.

Ishmael said...

Not one word about the female lead of that Cronenberg film? This really is a male dominated industry.

Nel said...

@ Ishmel the female lead of the Talking Cure is Keira Knightly, who has been cast as Sabina Spielrein.

Vincent Cassell has also been cast in the movie and if they stick to the play he must be playing Otto Gross.

I do hope they cast someone good as Emma Jung as she was the most underdeveloped character in the play.

Rebecca said...

That 'Water for Elephants' adaptation sounds terrible. I thought the book was just alright, and now Robert Pattinson as the main character? PU.

Simone said...

I almost fainted when I learned that Viggo replaced Christoph. It's a dream come true that Fassy and Viggo will be in a movie together, and a Cronenberg one to boot.

This shit is going to rock so hard!

notanotherblog said...

Viggo/Fassbender in the same movie? I've never heard of shirtless psychologists but I wouldn't mind if that trend started now.

And Cassell is a God.

And Antagony&Ecstasy putting Ben-Hur in the top ten worst Oscar winners? Bitch please. I'll take Chuck's physical commitment over Anatomy of a Murder's banality. I'm neither Pauline Kael nor Sam Worthington, but I'm not afraid to admit what I just said in this paragraph, nor am I too chicken to admit just anything of what I think about film anymore.

Michael said...

Two Wizard of Oz movies coming up? Fantastic. I can't wait to see how these end in 3D computer generated battle scenes.

Glenn said...

Vincent Cassel > Michael Fassbender > Viggo Mortensen.

Or, at least in terms of sexiness...


Glenn... i think you flipped the order wrong on accident!

Michael C... HA

notanotherblog... i know. Ben-Hur is kinda awesome. I so don't get why people don't love that movie. I eat it up. Especially Stephen Boyd as Messala

Ishmael... normally i give the women total preference here but I have an, uh, thing for both Viggo and Fassbender so there was no other way to enthuse about it. They're like two of the only actors with penises that I dig as much as most actresses.

notanotherblog said...

Yup, Nathaniel. Ben-Hur is visceral and colourful and human. I believe there can only be one four hour movie for anyone, and to me, it's Gone With the Wind, but Gone With the Wind > Ben-Hur > Sound of Music > Lawrence of Arabia. I'm serious.

And Fassbender > Cassel > Viggo. Fassbender is consistently handsome. Although Cassel in a dress > Fassbender > Viggo.

Yancey said...

Fassbender & Mortensen! What a pair they could end up being! Great casting! Would have liked to see Christoph Waltz in this though, but I hope that "Water for Elephants" works out for him instead.