Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Curio: Oscar Party Food Postmortem

Alexa here. I just had to follow up my Oscar cupcake post and Nathaniel's Bad Blake pee with more Oscar party food. Apparently the Academy's New York viewing party was pathetic, but I still wish I could have seen the The Hurt Locker foie gras bomb and the District 9 prawn extraterrestrials that were served. Here are a few more ideas:

At our little soiree we had a Crazy Heart pizza.
(Yup, that's a cowboy hat and boots made from ham steak.)

And the best dessert ideas were all at Cakespy, including these Avatarts.
many more here).

Please share more about your Serious Naan, White Ribbon pasta and Steve Martinis in the comments.


Meg said...

Thanks to Inglourious Basterds for making the swastika fashionable once again.

Maciej said...

We were about half and half about what came first, the pun or the recipe. But for the most part, we didn't eat anything that our guests brought until we came up with a pun for it. From what I remember:

- An Eggucation (deviled eggs)
- An Edumame (Edamame)
- Avatarcado Relish (Guac with apples and blue food coloring)
- The Brownie Side
- Coco avant Pretzels (Chocolate covered pretzels)
- Crazy Liver (Chicken Liver Pate)
- Crazy Tarts
- Ginvictus
- Harry Pottered Rum
- The Hurt Lager
- The Hurt Latkas
- Inglorious Basil Pesto
- Inglorious Bas-tarts
- The Princess and the Frog Legs
- A Serious Amount of Cheese Balls
- Tuna Avatartar
- UPside Down Cake

emmanuel ramos barajas said...

A Single Malt. Yes, there was only one. The one who got the most predictions correct won it.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

Genius. (Including Maciej's additions. Especially Maciej's additions.)

Anonymous said...


lizriz said...

We had cat food. ;)

There's a pick here:


lizriz said...

Let me try that again with a tiny:



Deus Ex Machina said...

I had Precious Martinis: Based on Gin by Sapphire.

Elias said...

Our Menu Below:
An Eggplantation (Egg Plant parm)
Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Ziti (Baked Ziti)
A Single Manicotti w/ a Blind Side Salad
Gabby Sidibread
'Nine' Layer Dip
Avatar Blue Cheese Hamburgers
District 9 prawns (shrimp cocktail) w/ a side of cat food.
Pandoreo Truffles

And my favorite...
Gaborey Sidibe chocolatay peanut-butteray oatmeal cookay.

Jax said...

Thanks so much for including our Oscar Party! We do it every year, and the competition is fierce.

flickr set, if you're interested:

...awesome dish names all around. Can I have a Harry Pottered Rum, please...