Monday, March 15, 2010

Broken Embraces Giveaway

Sony Pictures Classics has been so kind as to offer one lucky Film Experience reader the latest beauty from my favorite living filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) is the labyrinthine memoir of a blind screenwriter (Lluís Homar) who was once a film director who fell madly in love with a kept woman turned actress (Penélope Cruz) on the set of their movie... (which happens to look and sound exactly like Almodóvar's international breakthrough Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown).

This contest is open to all readers -- just bear in mind that the DVD will be in the American format so you'll need an all region player if you're watching it elsewhere -- so if you want it, send an email by Friday March 19th with "PEDRO" in the subject line. Include:
  1. your name
  2. your shipping address
  3. a sentence describing one thing you love about either Cruz or Almodóvar
The winner will be drawn randomly but I'll share selected reader love sentences right here this weekend.

I've been anxiously awaiting the DVD release of Broken Embraces (tuesday) myself just so I could give the movie another go. Fact: Almodóvar movies are better the second time around. He always overstuffs them you see and the second viewing becomes a confirmation of what you thought was great the first time through along with the discovery of hidden treasure: sneaky touches, graceful plot curves and deeper characterizations.

Pe & Me (and yes I'm drinking from a Broken Embraces
espresso cup
...which i shan't be giving away!

It's no secret that this particular one is not (yet) among my favorites. [Editor's note: For what it's worth I consider his masterpieces to be (in chronological order) Law of Desire, Women on the Verge..., All About My Mother, Talk to Her and Volver] Yet, though I found it slightly impenetrable in its self-reflexivity and chatterbox qualities, it was breathtaking to look at. Impossibly, Pe is even more voluptuous than she was in Volver, Nine or Elegy. If she gets any more beautiful someone is going to launch a thousand ships Pedro's way, to steal her. The movie war would rage for years.


Burning Reels said...

I actually really enjoyed Broken Embraces and it's self-indulgent 'Pierrot Le Fou'-esque leanings.

And I completely agree..Almodovar films just get better and better - they're so richly textured.

First viewing: liked and admired Talk to Her
Second Viewing: really liked and enjoyed Talk to Her
Third Viewing: Loved Talk to Her
Fourth Viewing: In awe at Talk to Her

Burning Reels said...

And where oh where did you get that Expresso Cup Mr Rogers?!

James T said...

You love movies so much that I find it weird that you don't have a movie-related tatoo. Or do you?

adam k. said...

I definitely appreciated Volver more on second viewing. The first time I was like, "that was nice" but after several viewings I grew to love it. Now it's my favorite film of 2006, and one of my favorite Almodóvars.

Just watched Women on the Verge the other day, finally. So much fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathaniel check out Julianne Moore doing charade with Toni Collette on Jimmy Fallon's show!

Anonymous said...

I didn't like Volver on the first viewing because I just could not understand why she would hide his body and not go to police. It just did not make sense to me and was so distracting. Then on a repeat viewing I got over it and fell deeply in love with the film's humour and tragedies.

John said...



John -- if you click on the link it was a limited run piece from a company working with Almodovar. Katey Rich gave it to me after an event :) she's sweet like that.

Ryan T. said...

Seeing it finally tonight! Yay Netflix!

Peggy Sue said...

Oh! You look adorable!

Yes. Almodóvar gets better with second or even third viewings specially in his latest works.

dfwforeignbuff said...

Broken Embraces arrived this morning from netflix. Watched it this afternoon. WOW what a good film. I seldom watch films twice but will watch this one again next week. Penelope Cruz was so fantastic in her role. I don't know why people keep comparing this film to other directors works. It is not comparable and it is truly original (as is Almovodar!) sidenote: I always love films with plot about cinema/film/actors/actresses/ etc.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Just agreeing about you looking adorable in the photo.

Magicub said...

Pedro es lo máximo, Penélope junto a Pedro es hermosa, fantástica, Almodovar con el tiempo se pone mejor. I still hate la Pé when she speaks English, pero la Pé es una diva (bueno Blanca Portillo también) i'm a little shocked about Angela Molina's looks, she looked so hot just in 2000