Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Curio: If You Want To Sing Out

Alexa here. Rainy spring days are usually when I watch Harold and Maude again. Wes Anderson should give Hal Ashby a standing posthumous credit on all his films, simply because of the debt his style owes to the cult classic. It's no surprise that many the indie artist and crafter is similarly smitten with the odd couple. Here are a few of the treats out there right now.

Harold: I like you, Maude. Maude: I like you, Harold.
Prints available here.

Oatstraw tea, just like Maude gave Harold!

The idea of a Harold and Maude snowglobe is hilarious enough to make me spit out my oatstraw tea.

My favorite: these jangly paper dolls that are the spitting image of Bud and Ruth, by Little Grey Goose.


Deborah said...

I might have to buy that paperweight.

Jake D said...

I was just thinking about Harold and Maude today! I rewatched it a few months ago and had forgotten how great it was. Both lead performances are fantastic.

Catherine said...

I...still haven't seen this film!

The Taxi Driver said...

I don't think the Wes Anderson is a good comparison considering Wes Anderson can only direct Wes Anderson movies and Hal Ashby never really directed the same movie twice. Could you ever see Anderson making something like Coming Home or Bound for Glory? I could not.

Alexa said...

Indeed Ashby was like Howard Hawkes, able to be equally brilliant in totally different styles. But I think Wes owes much of his style to Harold and Maude specifically.

notanotherblog said...

I'm still traumatized by it, no matter how prejudiced that line of thinking makes me look.