Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Winners

Fuller commentary coming over the next 48 hours but for now, I must sleep.

Picture The Hurt Locker
Director Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
Screenplay The Hurt Locker
Adapted Screenplay Precious
Actor Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
Actress Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
Supporting Actress Mo'Nique, Precious

the winners of visual effects, supporting actor and actress

Cinematography Avatar
Editing The Hurt Locker
Art Direction Avatar
Costume Design The Young Victoria
Animated Feature UP
Score UP
Sound Editing The Hurt Locker
Sound Mixing The Hurt Locker
Make Up
Star Trek
Visual Effects Avatar
Original Song "Weary Kind" Avatar
Foreign Film Argentina El Secreto de Sus Ojos
Short Film, Animated Logorama
Short Film, Live Action The New Tenants
Short Film, Documentary Music by Prudence
Documentary Feature The Cove

Biggest Winner: The Hurt Locker took home 6 statues, Avatar 3
Empty-Handed Best Pic' Nominees: Up in the Air, District 9, An Education and A Serious Man
Nathaniel's Predictions: Not bad. Definitely not great. I wasn't psychic this year, that's for damn sure. I scored 16/24 all categories... messing up terribly in the little discussed categories of short films. I also biffed it and doubly so on both screenplays and sound categories. Otherwise I was spot on. (Should've trusted myself about that Precious screenplay surprise. I almost went there).

Hope you had a great time wherever you were watching it from! More commentary coming over the next two days.


tony d said...

Precious was the only shocker -- I let my better judgement go against Sandra winning - i'll have to watch it once it comes out on dvd

Robert Hamer said...

Ah, I'm so elated right now. Academy Award-winner Kathryn Bigelow. Just thinking about those five words, strung together, makes me so giddy. Isn't it wonderful when the best film of the year wins Best Picture and Best Director?

Sadner said...

So great history was made , yeah go kathryn !!
I love sandra but why did she have to be nominated this year ?? and most importantly , what role is gonna get Meryl her third oscar ???

Lk said...

Sandra gave a damn lovable speech, but i'm so mad about her winning... And she even got a standing ovation????????????

Newbie said...

I totally think the climax of the show was when both Michelle Pfeiffer and Julianne Moore took the stage at the same time. They both look amazing and glowing and gosh. I totally think they even made Colin Farrel look good. After that everything seems so bland. Well, I love Sandra's speech although I think it wasn't really a Oscar-worthy performance but aren't people just love her? I mean how could anyone be upset about her winning an Oscar, she is just so delightful!

NicksFlickPicks said...

I was nowhere near NYC, but of course when Julianne and Michelle came out together, and Michelle was there to talk about Baker Boys, and Jeff seemed so delighted... I could only think of one person! Hope you adored it, N.

David said...

After this year's Oscars, I am only left with one lingering question: who the hell was that woman who leapt onto the stage in the middle of the man's speech for Best Short Film? I haven't felt that confused in a very long time.

Also, Sandra handled her moment with characteristic grace and humor. Her speech was genuine, and I appreciated that. And I was so happy to see Kathryn Bigelow get the win she deserved!

honduran said...

I´m really happy u enjoyed the night, keep having fun! Hope this year brings us same quiality films.

And thanks again for your work in this blog, i live in Honduras and there´s not a lot going on about award shows, not even filmmaking, so im glad to find a site where i can get resources and coverage of the award shows and film industry.

Keep it going.

Glenn said...

Let us not forget in the rush of "first woman ever!" quotes that Geoffrey Fletcher is the first African American to ever win a screenwriting Oscar.

cinephile said...

Funny that Sean Penn gave the Oscars to the two worst best actress winners the decade...

Sad to see Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer walking on that stage, still Oscar-less.

Anonymous said...

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Andrew R. said...

I ended up missing the first 13 minutes due to Cablevision, then the rest because of personal issues. I can't say what happened here, but let's just say I'm furious with my parents.

Anyway, I scored 18/24. I beat you, Nate! Hah hah!

Missed: both Screenplays (Basterds and Up in the Air), Foreign (White Ribbon), Live Action and Documentary Short (The Door and Rabbit ala Berlin), and Sound Mixing (Avatar).

OtherRobert said...

I was very happy Precious didn't just win for Mo'Nique. My season long fear did not come true. The last thing I wanted was that film being remembered as Mo'Nique doing a dramatic turn instead of all the other wonderful aspects of the film. Two wins is a triumph for that kind of film.

Boo on no District 9 wins. Boo I say.

Sid said...

I think I went 15/24, also missing out on those Short categories, UGH! I also went for Streep and got both screenplays wrong. I correctly predicted THL in Sound but I thought Avatar had the Sound Editing trophy in the bag -- I assumed Cinematography would get caught in a THL sweep, but they went for Sound Editing and Screenplay instead.

jimmy said...

pretty awful show. felt really bad seeing LAUREN BACALL just standing there.....would love to have see her win this. Highlights: Pfeiffer, bridges, bullock, mo'nique, oprah, james taylor, the snuggie shot. lowlights: the dancing, ben stiller (please - make this his last time), mylie cyrus (why is she there / replace her with Kim Novack), Jennifer Lopez (why is she there - replace her with Angela Lansbury), Kristin Stewart (why is she there, replace her with Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway. All of the boring boring short subjects, animated shorts - if you're going to get rid of something - make it these and not lifetime achievement awards.

Ramification said...

My favourite part of the night was Sandy Powell telling the Academy to start honouring different types of costume design and to start looking at contemporary work.

KD said...

17/24 - got the three short film categories, makeup, foreign language, two screenplays wrong.

John T said...

Pete-totally agree. It was awesome that Moore and Michelle were up there together.

But Colin Farrell ALWAYS looks good.


Jimmy... i am always loathe for oscar to dump any category . BUT if they must dump, shorts would make the most sense. Not the lifetime achievement. I mean Lauren Bacall shoulda had her moment. Hollywood royalty and all.

plus she's a mouthy dame. it's not like she woulda been boring.

Brad said...

Very confusing night. The Hurt Locker was good, but not Best Picture good. I think the 10 nominees screwed up the voting. I wonder if this travesty will cause them to go back to 5.


Brad -- i think enough people liked the bulk of the 10 nominees that they'll keep the category that way for awhile (though historically speaking big changes like that don't actually last that long)

Franco Marciano said...

@Nate, sorry I missed my flight to the party.:-)

"BUT if they must dump, shorts would make the most sense. Not the lifetime achievement."
Seeing Lauren Bacall, and THEN seeing the dance number, I was like "They cancelled Bacall for this?" At thirty minutes over schedule, the whole cutting-things to-save-time argument was a total FAIL. Note to AMPAS, design the Oscars for people who love films, don't become something you're not.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, people. within the next 10 years, meryl will be "three-time academy award winner meryl streep". hell, maybe even in 5 years.

John T said...

Keep the shorts, keep the Life Achievement, lose the dance number (where they didn't even dress in costume) and for God's sake lose Shankman. That's your recipe for Oscar success.