Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Susie" & "Jack"

A photo I hadn't seen from Oscar night.

Michelle Pfeiffer & Jeff Bridges _______ [photo src]

Look where her left hand is. Ha ha. Oh 'chelle. We want to see you holding one way worse than you probably do.


Ryan said...

Yes, we sure do!


Would Ms. Tandy (RIP), Ms. Tomei and Ms. Zeta-Jones please return those Oscars to their rightful owner.


amir_uk said...

Ha! That. Is. Awesome. And it's a 20 year reunion.

It's so Freudian - "yeah I really want one".

Don't worry Nathaniel, Michelle Pfeiffer will win one at some point. I mean, her cause would've been helped by a fourth unconverted nom in the years since Love Field (The Age of Innocence or White Oleander, perhaps?) - but she will win anyway, I'm convinced of it.

amir_uk said...

Er, she lost to Emma Thompson (and RIGHTLY SO!) in '92 not Tomei (who won in supporting that year). And Zeta-Jones's Oscar belongs to NO-ONE but Zeta-Jones!

But yeah, Tandy could've gone without.

Unknown said...

Maybe if she had been nominated for the right performance in 1992 (Catwoman, of course), we'd be singing a different tune now.


troyhopper -- nah, they wouldn't have ever given her a trophy for that. they don't dig superhero performances (heath ledger being an exception for obvious reasons)

but YES. such a phenomenal performance.

Will said...

Heath Ledger won indeed for obvious reasons - he gave the best supporting performance of the year.
I LOVE Michelle Pfeiffer and have no doubts that she won't die without an Oscar, though I'm not sure would it be a competitive or an Honorary one 20-30 years from now.
Ms. Tandy and Ms. Thompson deserve their awards.
To my mind Pfeiffer should've won for Dangerous Liaisons and deserves nomination if not win for Batman Returns.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Michelle Pfeiffer should have one or two Oscars by now...

1989 for The Fabulous Baker Boys (Jessica Tandy, unfairly, won)

1990 for Dangerous Liaisons
(Geena Davis won and although I don't mind her winning, why couldn't she win in 1991 for Thelma and Louise which is such an amazing, underappreciated film? The only explanation I can think of why neither Sarandon nor Davis won that year is that they split the votes, allowing Foster to win for Silence - one victory that I do not mind, but I can't help but think WHY DOES JODIE FOSTER HAVE 2 OSCARS?!)

And one thing that is driving me crazy... Why are most 2011 Oscar predictors currently saying Hilary Swank is a shoe-in for a third Oscar? Betty Anne Waters isn't exactly a Erin Brokovich-star-vehicle kind of role because: (1)Swank is NOT a beauty queen and a Hollywood sweetheart, (2) Julia Roberts didn't have any Oscar, Swank has 2, one that was not merited and she won two in five year's time and (3) people seem to be forgetting this but... do you remember AMELIA?!

Jorge Rodrigues said...

And I love Heath Ledger and God knows how I love him in The Dark Knight, such an unstoppable force, such a tour-de-force, but...

The obvious reason Nathaniel was refering was not that it was the best supporting performance of the year.

Heath Ledger won because:

1. He died
2. His death build some serious hype around The Dark Knight
3. His performance was astonishing
4. The Dark Knight was a critical and mainstream success, which is rare for a blockbuster/superhero movie
5. They didn't gave him the Oscar for Brokeback Mountain
6. The 2008 supporting actor category was awfully weak (like 2007 and 2009) so the villain who haunts his film won (like in 2007 and 2009)

MRRIPLEY said...

I like d swank in amelia and do feel she will get that 3rd nom as for pfeiffer she needs to leave the surgery alone!!!


Lee said...

That's hot.

I don't know about ya'll, but grizzled Jeff Bridges is kinda doing it for me right now. I would have gone off with Bad Blake in a heartbeat just like Maggie did. No shame whatsoever!

And yes, we probably want and care about Miss Michelle getting a golden guy far more than she does.

Jacob Lives said...

The correct ordering for this:

Heath Ledger won because:

1. His performance was astonishing.
2. His death build some serious hype around "The Dark Knight."
3. He died.
4. "The Dark Knight" was a critical and mainstream success, which is rare for a blockbuster/superhero movie.
5. The 2008 supporting actor category was awfully weak (like 2007 and 2009), so the villain who haunts his film won (like in 2007 and 2009).
6. They didn't give him the Oscar for "Brokeback Mountain."

Kurtis O said...

God, not to feed into TFE's, shall we say, ample Pfeiffer mania, but she looks absolutely exquisite.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the four acting winners picture?

adam k. said...

OK so yeah, apparently Bullock and Jesse James are splitting? And not just splitting, but splitting because he was having an affair WHILE she was FILMING The Blind Side??

What were we JUST. DISCUSSING. in another comment thread? If the rumors are true, that's just crazy. I didn't REALLY think Bullock would get divorced... but it seemed to be enough of a possibility to be worth bringing up.

It's no coincidence that EVERY American best actress winner this decade (plus Kate Winslet) is now divorced/broken up with her husband/boyfriend.

Maybe everyone in Hollywood knew Bullock was being cheated on, and they gave her the prize as a consolation to dull the blow of the inevitable? Along with Witherspoon, Winslet, Swank, Berry, etc.

Or maybe men are just nasty pigs.

Trey said...

Jesse James looks like a walking STD anyway, so the red flares should have gone off for Sandy long before this with having to deal with his porn star baby mama's drama. Run Sandy! Take your millions and Oscar and run! Hope that you have an airtight pre-nup.


adam k -- i'll say something REALLY unpopular now but i think it's TOTALLY lame that people are all up in judging Jesse James right now.

marriages are complicated and it's not like HOllywood superstars never cheat themselves.

I'm not saying that Sandra Bullock cheated but i think it's really unfortunate that...

a) people think adultery means you HAVE TO get divorced? why? what about marriage counselling?

b) people always think the man is to blame

c) people assume that if the man cheated the woman did not. Many troubled marriages have cheating on both ends.

d) people conveniently forget that if you read any biography about hollywood it's pretty common knowledge that A LOT of people aren't faithful and that 'it doesn't count if it's on location'


sorry to soap box but i hate how puritanical Americans are about sex and well about anything. it's like every single person behaves as if they've never made a mistake and nobody else should either.

the coverage of this is really bugging me because if Sandra and he really love each other they should try and work it out rather than letting all this media frenzy further cause them trouble.

JakeO said...

So she should stay with a dog just b/c it's the right thing to do? Get over yourself. That's what puritanical. Sticking with a marriage no matter what, no matter how bad it is, either for "the kids" or some societal mandate that divorce is wrong or a sin and that everything can be worked out with either some psychobabbling or counseling or prayer. If Jesse James is fucking around on her, Sandra Bullock should pack up shop and try for something else, something better. Even if she "loves" him, enough is enough with all of these cheating dogs and this idiotic stand by your man bullshit.


no. i'm NOT saying she should stay with him.


and the media acts like all of these problems are interchangeable and the same from couple to couple and they aren't.

WE KNOW NOTHING. it's between Sandra and Jesse.

Magicub said...

What a nice pic!, Another reason for makin' Whoppee, he has the tuxedo, she has the red press, let's get a piano

Anonymous said...

dear nat,

please make the comment above your "comment du jour" for, like, forever?


James T said...

I agree with Nathaniel. Igt just bugs me that Sandra seemed so grateful for having him in her life ans he seems to be... less grateful. But Nathaniel is right. We can't really tell what is going on between them.

Should I stop wishing for Meryl to get a second bist actress Oscar? I mean, Swank got the divorce after the second win.

Hepburn was single when she won the second one, so she can't prove nor disprove the theory.

James T said...

I guess it kind of makes sense how he seemed a little embarrassed when she was saying all these nice things about him during her speeches. It wasn't just that he is not a media person.

I think.

Burning Reels said...

Never win Best Actress - it's more trouble than it's worth!

adam k. said...

Don't get me wrong, Nat, I totally agree with you. The "men are pigs" line was a random one-off (though, let's face it, we are... I count myself among them).

I just think it's rather extraordinary that the decade-long hex on American Best Actresses is now complete. Every. Single. One (plus Kate Winslet) saw her relationship crumble, sometimes as a direct result of the oscar-winning film.

It's true that this doesn't automatically become exclusively Jesse's fault, though the stories about the affair sure sound bad. And his own public apology basically confirms that he erred. And he's gotta be feeling bad, given her profuse and very public thanks and appreciation and love for him all season.

But who knows how things really went down. I wish them the best.

Anonymous said...

Back to 'Chelle for a moment:

Don't they look lovely?

Anonymous said...

Tandy absolutely deserved her oscar.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel – there’s no way the Academy would’ve given Driving Miss Daisy a best picture win if they couldn’t award Tandy. She won and I’m glad she did not because I have anything against Michelle but Fried Green Tomatoes wouldn’t exist in its current incarnation without the Best Actress wins of Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates.


anon (1&2)... just NO

That was Pfeiffer's Oscar. She won everything else and lost that damn thing due to Oscar's weird sentimentality in the 80s.

The Oscars were SO cruel to the important women in the 80s. So cruel.

Jacob Lives said...

Yeah, I'm fine with Jessica Tandy's win too. She deserved her Oscar.

Lara said...

Thanks, Nathaniel, for a reasonable voice in this Sandra Bullock mess.
It's like people, and especially women I guess, are wanting Sandra to divorce Jesse James immediately just so they can feel better themselves. Their girl can do so much better than a tattooed guy. Wasn't he always beneath him? Yes, he was! One day she'll find true love with a nice man without tattoos who deserves her.
Sorry for the sarcasm, but reading some of the stories and comments out there, one would think Sandra's husband personally cheated on them and sold their firstborn along the way. So much hate and viciousness.

Anonymous said...

So now that Jesse James has come out and admitted to "wrongdoing," Sandra should just buck up and let sleeping DOGS lie? Whatever.

Trey said...

Poor Sandy. Going on Barbara Walters talking on and on about loving this guy and finally being with someone who has her back. That's A-level scumbag right there.


anon. I wasn't saying Sandra SHOULD do anything. I was saying it's presumptuous for the media (or the public) to always think they know what's best for couples.

i just find it incredibly uncompassionate is all. Should EVERY person who has ever made a mistake be dumped by the person who loves them? And what does that say about love and marriage if no one should forgive each other for wrongdoing?

that's the tone of so much of the discourse.

i think there are probably MANY marriages and relationships out there that survived (and are glad they survived) mistakes.

that's all i was trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Elizabeth Edwards, Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods, Jenny Sandford, Hilary Clinton, and on ad infinitum -- leave these dogs that you call husbands and "the loves of your life" ASAP! It's not worth it, and all of this live and let live forgiveness BS is utter crap! Life's too short. Be happy single and adultery-free.