Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hedwig and the Angry Link

Michael Reidel Hedwig and the Angry Inch made it from stage to screen and now it's going back again. [Insert a billion exclamation points here] The cherry gummi bear on top: John Cameron Mitchell will reprise his classic role. This show is a-ma-zing live. One of the best experiences I've ever had in the theater way back in 1999 or so. You must come to NYC and see it. Between this and Rabbit Hole, John Cameron Mitchell may have an incredible 2010
MNPP alerts us to the must-read sounding book "The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower". I already want this to be a movie.

MovieLine an imaginary apology from James Cameron for making you sit through Avatar
Cinema Blend Anna Faris to get all Goldie Hawn in a remake of Private Benjamin. Hey she sold Cameron Diaz with great flair, didn't she?
The Playlist has details on Steven Soderbergh's Contagion. The cast list is almost frighteningly A-list huge. Even if it's a disaster, it'll get a SAG ensemble nod.
Just Jared Reese Witherspoon in talks to play a country singer (again). If at first you do succeed...repeat.
Banana Penis
[nsfw] Did this predate An Education or is someone using movies brilliantly for safe sex promotion?
Empire State of Mind pretty fun Star Wars by way of Alicia Keys video
Popnography skewers Miley Cyrus and The Last Song and suggests a gay alternative
Blabbeando If you're tired of catty remarks about Ricky Martin's coming out, try this on for size. Definitely something to think about.
(Le Sigh)... Isabelle Huppert to guest star on Law & Order: SVU. The apocalypse is nigh. Someone please shoot me!

Finally, remember that unusual zombie movie I told you about that won the Nashville Film Festival? It's called Make-Out With Violence and if you're curious about it you can now "save it" to your Netflix queue.

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If the movie gets enough 'saves' Netflix will purchase copies to rent out. I really marvel at how many ways there are to distribute movies now and how hard it still is for filmmakers despite all those channels, even when they have a quality movie on their hands. I don't think Make-Out is a perfect movie but it sure as hell was made by people with a filmmaking eye. And it makes you want someone to give the Deagol Brothers more money to make a second feature and see where their talents can take them. This is one of the obvious drawback of film festivals... you see work by all sorts of interesting off-the-map talent and then you return to the real world and notice how many hacks are so gainfully employed by Hollywood. Not that film festivals don't have their own "keep your day job" failures ... but this movie is definitely not one of them.


Robert Hamer said...

"Her credits include “The Piano Player”"...


--- said...
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--- said...

Contagion sounds great! Except movies with THAT much starpower are usually terrible (read: Valentine's Day), so I remain wary.

Michael B. said...

Okay, so I've read Contagion. None of the actors have a lot of scenes together--a la Nine but it's even more spread apart.

Don't bet on the SAG Ensemble.

Jordan Ruimy said...

Now if only it could play in Montreal- Hedwig was a sensational and bizarre movie that i completely dug back in 2001- here's to Mitchell making more stuff !


JOrdan -- Montreal is close. drive down and see it. at least in 1999 it was completely revelatory. I can't wait to see it again.

Janice said...

The "faux Cameron apology" took me to a real apology by JD Shapiro, the original screenwriter of Battlefield Earth, accepting his Razzie for worst film of the decade. That was a fun read:

Janice said...

BTW, I started reading the description of Contagion (we meet Gwyenth Paltrow on an airplane? *zzzzz*) and immediately thought, didn't we already see this movie last year and it was called Blindness? (Although I confess I haven't seen it yet.)

But even more so, didn't we do this movie 15 years ago and it was called "Outbreak" with Renee Russo, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman & Cuba Gooding Jr? (Which was all the cheeseball you needed for several months worth of parties, btw.)

I'm actually a bit bored of the "random people touching each others lives in random and unpredictable ways" theme, to be honest, so it would need to be VERY well done to pique my interest. However a "ruthless blogger" being the film's de facto villain isn't going to get it there for me, even if played by Jude Law. "Ruthless blogger"? Yeah, ok, forget the corporate hacks and political whores - it's the bloggers that are really ruining the world for all of us. Is the characters also bald? [/end sarcasm]