Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Curio: Franky Panky

Alexa here. Nothing screams Easter week like a creepy doomsday rabbit! Yes, that's Frank from Donnie Darko, a movie I still love for all kinds of reasons. (Jake and Maggie playing sibs! Lost-esque tangential timelines! Swayze!) And while there's loads of Darko geekery out there, Missy over at Boopsie Daisy had the inspired idea to sprinkle Richard Kelly's dark universe with all kinds of sugar. The results are yummier than a Cadbury Creme Egg.

Frank is just one of the bunnies...

so why can't he find love, too?

See more of Missy's world of twisted whimsy here.


Burning Reels said...

That is one scary (yet curious) easter gathering

April Skye said...

Haha, those pics are artworks! Love them!

April Skye xx


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