Monday, March 15, 2010

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AP The Kate Winslet ~ Sam Mendes power duo is no more. Pardon my insensitivity (I assumed this would happen a year ago) but the errant gossip fantasy fodder thought just struck me while reading the news: I know that they're not exactly each other's type but do you think the world would explode if Kate & Leo ever gave it a go the next time they were both single?

Movie|Line Michel Gondry interviewed. Interesting nugget: this music video pioneer and filmmaker (Eternal Sunshine) no likely Lady Gaga
i09 in other Michel Gondry news, a time travel pic with Ellen Page
Cinematical Green Lantern casts its aliens choosing Temuera Morrison and filmmaker/actor Taiki Waititi (also known as Taiki Cohen). Incidentally I met Taiki at Sundance and his new film Boy is tons of fun. Art house audiences will love it should any American distributor ever bite.

Cinema Blend Conan casting updates: Saïd Taghmaoui (yay!) and Stephen Lang in, Mickey Rourke out.
CHUD David Fincher to make a Bobby Fischer biopic. Sigh... am losing faith in Fincher. He was such a potent auteur and after Benjamin Button a chess biopic? Well... I hope it's as good as Searching For Bobby Fischer but keep wanting him to make another Fight Club or Zodiac, something with real edge and bite.
Towleroad Josh Brolin remembers Milk
Crazy Days Peter Graves (RIP)


Burning Reels said...

Kinda agree with Gondry - not sure Lady Gaga is the real deal and here for the long term (or be allowed to)

yes, what is Fincher doing? something dark and ambigious, you're good at it!:)

James T said...

I'm really sorry for Kate. I wish all the best to both.

Re: Fincher-Fischer. Are you KIDDING me?? I am a chess enthusiast and I looove Bobby Fischer as a chessplayer. I know almost everything there is to know about his life but I'm really excited about this. I guess only chess lovers will appreciate the news :p

Michael said...

Why did you assume this would happen? Because their polar opposites or something else? (Just to clarify, that's not sarcasm, I'm just genuinely befuddled by their divorce!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord in heaven, please keep Winslet in New York and don't let her come to the UK where she is bound to give interviews milking the current media wagon as she usually does just so they can write nice things about her being a "real woman", thanking you in advance, a fan.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Their separation didn't surprise me if only because of how cold Mendes appears to be toward marriage. It's a trap/lie in American Beauty and Revolutionary Road, and the couples in Away We Go are all awful people. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but wouldn't you start to wonder what attracted him to this subject time and again?

FrenchGirl said...

Fincher has 1,ooo project movies as "the girl with dragon tatoo"(too predictable:again a serial killer movie),"Torso","heavy metal" or "peter proud"

when you see "revolutionary road", you don't ask question on Winslet/Mendes relationship(above all,after her speech in Globe Golden )

/3rtfu11 said...

You’re collation…who is the cute guy in the middle looking head on?

For whatever cynical reasons, I suspect that Winslet’s divorce will only help her future awards prospects?

whitney said...

I think the Bobby Fischer movie will be cool, maybe. I read an essay on Bobby Fischer once and even though I have absolutely no interest in chess, I was fascinated by the guy. He's not the uplifting (sports) hero you would think. He's a narcissist and completely out of his mind. Maybe it will have the obsessive tones of Zodiac?

Julia said...

It's a bit sad, but I've been a "Kate + Leo = true love" theorist for quite some time.

Robert Hamer said...

God, that photo of Winslet and Mendes drives me nuts every time I see it. It's so obviously photoshopped.

Ryan Ray said...

A Bobby Fischer biopic could be interesting, if he doesn't sugar coat it.


Michael -- i just felt those vibes around oscar time last year. i am a pretty good judge of that celebrity-wise. which is why i never buy the monthly rumors that Brad & Angie are done. They don't seem at all over to me.

my absolute surest call ever was Benjamin Bratt and Julia Robert. There was something about them at the Oscars the night she won... i kept thinking. they either JUST had a fight before the red carpet or they've already broken up.

Whitney -- good point. it could be the type of bio that works for him. actually come to think of it, he probably could've done THE AVIATOR pretty well, too.


/3rtfull -- that's TAIKI WAITITI he's an actor/director. He was oscar nominated for "Two Cars, One Night" (short film) and BOY is his new feature (very enjoyable. i'm weirded out that an american distributor hasn't bitten. seemed like a real billy elliott style crowdpleaser to me.

Bryan said...

Hmm. She seemed to really love him during her Golden Globe speech last year; I remember thinking she sounded so genuine. Too bad.

@/3rtfu11-- anything that helps her awards chances is fine by me. She, Streep, Moore, Clarkson-- they all need to have, like, 5 Oscars.

Alexa said...

Dying to see anything thay Taiki Waititi is up to. Hope it finds a distributor!

Michael B. said...

I'm a betting man and thus being said I would put money that it was the results of Revolutionary Road (all around...critics, awards, box office) that led them to their demise.

Cluster Funk said...

It's strange that so many of last decade's Best Actress winners shed their significant others within a year of their big win. Let's hope Sandra & Jesse aren't next! (Have always thought they're were so oddly, unexpectedly cute together).

adam k. said...

Cluster Funk, I was totally just thinking that! What is it about best actress winners and divorce/breakups? Are their men THAT threatened by their oscar glory?

Let's recount:

2000: Julia breaks up with Ben Bratt shortly after/during oscar season when she won.

2001: Didn't Halle break up with that guy she was with during the ceremony pretty soon after she won?

2002: Well, Nicole got divorced BEFORE winning, but there's obviously a connection.

2003: Charlize stayed with Townsend for a long time, but aren't they now/recently broken up?

2004: Swank divorces Chad Lowe within a year of her second win.

2005: Reese acts all cute to Ryan in her speech, and then they get divorced and she gets with Jake.

2006: I assume Helen Mirren is still with Taylor Hackford. Damn is he lucky.

2007: Is Marion Cotillard married or with anyone? She's awfully young.

2008: Kate thanks Sam awkwardly while professing her love for Leo. Wins best actress. Divorces Sam.

I'm worried for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James! Not a single American best actress this decade is still with the man she was with when she won. Sandra sure seemed genuinely in love and thankful for her hubby, but the best actress curse is powerful. I hope they can overcome it.

James T said...

Everyone has gone crazy over Kate hooking up with Leo. It's kind of creepy.

adam k, Marion has a boyfriend since some years ago, I think. She's not that young by the way. Same age as Kate and Penelope.

DJ said...

Marion Cotillard is with Guillaume Canet. =D

Deus Ex Machina said...
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Derreck said...
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Derreck said...

oh, i'd love it if Kate and Leo got together and stay in love forever. yep, i'm one of those people. I hope it wouldn't explode and become the second coming of the Brangelina monster though.

and the second i read the news, i was like 'i knew it!'. Sam and Kate just never seemed compatible at all to me. Speaking of compatible, i love that Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are together. It just makes sense. lol.

adam k. said...

James T, oops. I kinda knew that, but for some reason, I thought she was still about 30. I guess I was thinking of how old she was back when she won? Time froze in my mind.

Well good luck to her and her beau as well. Still, the divorce/breakups seem to be more of an American thing, for whatever reason (Winslet notwithstanding), so I'm still more worried about Sandra Bullock... but not really.

john said...

Yeah, i think you are exempt if you're older (Mirren) or foreign (Cotillard), though if Robin Wright has a shot this year, like Kidman it would be AFTER a divorce.


i dont' see Sandra dumping her man. i think there's no curse just an odd series of circumstances.

but didn't Charlize dump Stuart and then get back together with him? I thought they were one of those notorious can't-really-break-up couples.

Janice said...

It may be for the best that Sandra didn't mention her hubby in the speech (did she? I don't recall) and thus didn't jinx the marriage. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) But she seems to have a really good head on her shoulders at any rate.

@Adam: the only connection re: Kidman is the now well-known elixir "breaking up with Tiny Tom will yield you tons of sympathy in that town and push you to bring your game up in ways nobody saw coming. Unless, alas, you're Mimi Rogers."

Re: Kate and Sam, I never thought about looking at it through the lens of his films, and that can really be overdone of course; but I do recall very vividly how much she expressed her LOVE for Leo at those awards ceremonies but for seemed a little cooler, less effusive? Even the first time I saw it, so I don't think it's just hindsight.

Still, too bad, they'd had a long run (in the relative scheme of things nowadays) and two kids together. Good luck to both, hopefully they can remain friends? (And not in a Kidman/Cruise "we say we're friends in interviews but notice you never see us photographed together" sort of way.)

Deivith Coast said...

Michel Gondry, I used to love you, now I really hate you!

He looks so stupid saying those things...So old... Are you Michel Gondry? Well I think you should ask Lady Gaga for help with inspiration (and outfits) because your work after the Eternal Sunshine is not that good, believe me. I rather be listening to that "conventional" music than watching all your pretentious and empty things

Kev said...

KATE & LEO 4-EVA!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, all the best for Kate & Sam.

Kev said...

KATE & LEO 4-EVA!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, all the best to Kate and Sam.


Deivith... well, i wouldn't say someone is "old" if they don't like Lady Gaga. there will always be people who reject and embrace artists whose "image" is their most prominent feature.

from any generation.

but i love Lady Gaga too.

I'll admit her music is just basically great dance music but i'll take great dance music where i can get it, even if it's not reinventing dance music.