Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Into Link Groove

general cinema
Dark Eye Socket a triple bill recommendation: frightening fiendish females
Inquirer Entertainment Shirley Maclaine is still quotable. Also babysits Bening-Beatty kids!
Socialite Life Kellan Lutz to play Poseidon in War of the Gods. This story is all over the blog rounds but the best part of the story is the one that's not making any headlines: Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) is in the director's chair. Therefore, we must assume instant must-see rather than trashy dumb action flick

Old Hollywood Great 70s quote from Patti Smith on French legend Jeanne Moreau
My New Plaid Pants wait, what? Helen Mirren was besties with Brad Davis? Helen Mirren is quite possibly the most fascinating actress with whom I don't have a particularly deep bond. I should learn to love her more
SUNFiltered Isabella Rossellini's uniquely awesome Green Porno series gets a new name and batch of creature carnality
Towleroad Have you heard about this awful situation in a Canadian bar regarding Jake Gyllenhaal and asshole homophobic blogger? Yuck
Life Archives 17 great photos of Steve McQueen, King of Cool [thx]
Queerty a parody of RuPaul's Drag Race

politics and films
i09 has a great piece on healthcare reform through the prism of sci-fi's dystopia stories
Michael Moore have you read this astute Open Letter to Republicans. Funny, sad, and smart in equal measure.

off screen fun
Pop Justice Finland choir does Lady Gaga's 'bad romance'... how long til America tries a version of this reality concept? Post Glee I totally see it happening.
Critical Condition
starts a (seemingly massive) Madonna countdown project
I Need My Fix Kristin Chenoweth is delightful whether on Twitter or Ambien or both simultaneously
AIGA/NY an evening of really bad book covers. Sounds interesting
Litely Salted "Oh, Lindsay" I've placed LaLohan in the "offscreen" section because she is obviously no longer movie-related. Which is sad.


Dimitra said...

I speechless due to shock and fury about the JJ incident...that guy is DISGUSTING.

Stephen said...


I don't come here to bash on republicans no matter how much I dislike them. Start a new blog if you want to talk politics.

Carol said...

Agreed with Stephen.

But also thanks for the Maclaine article... :)

Bryan said...

Chenoweth on Ambien while twittering? Sign me up.

'Course, can she ever top her sobbing Globes speech in the "ridiculously cute" category?


Stephen & Carol -- Though my initial reaction when anyone tells me what to do with my blog is not suitable for print... i hear this enough to where it deserves a measured response.

i don't believe that politics can or should be left out of anything much less art/movies which are constantly promoting or reflective of political values both conservative and liberal.

I just saw that new Jude Law film -- I've already forgotten the name -- and it's definitely the product of a society that is completely confused by and frightened of and stumbling around healthcare politics.

but that said if two sentences linking to other pieces is "talking politics"... i can't imagine how you've reacted to much longer bald opinion pieces on this very blog which were may more out of place than linking to a filmmakers letter or a discussion of sci-fi dystopias in cinema and literature.

And, besides, my guess is that Republicans* can take it otherwise they wouldn't dish it out so much. And if they can't... wow, bad form.


*i had an asterisks in mind there but i've forgotten what it was.

maybe it was one last excuse for how political i can occassionally get. I grew up in an extreme right wing environment and my parents used to give me Rush Limbaugh books as gifts... even after they understood how i felt politically aesthetically sexually intellectually and every other "lly"

so yeah. Dish it out = should be able to take it, too.

Peggy Sue said...

Oh God! "Into the Groove" is the first single I ever bought!

That makes me SO old...

James T said...

Nathaniel, you are officially on a higher level! Ebert gets angry comments all the time when he talks about politics. :p

Iggy said...

Though my initial reaction when anyone tells me what to do with my blog is not suitable for print...

I would've loved to read that initial reaction ;P.
Honestly, I've never understood why someone feels s/he has the right to tell others what to do or what not to do with their blogs/sites. Anyway, you expressed it much better than I could ever do (and you don't need to justify what you post, but you know that).

But, the links post? Really? To me, the links always always add never subtract. You can go to other great sites you would've never found otherwise*. Or maybe not, but it's entirely your choice to click on them or not.

*I myself have found some interesting sites by following the links here.

Sorry about that, it's just that the more I know about "internet people" the less I understand.

vg21 said...

Oh, Nathaniel, you should definitely learn to love Helen Mirren more :). She is truly fascinating, I have just seen the Prime Suspect series, she is mind-blowing. But anyway, try again, Helen Mirren is wonderful :).

Burning Reels said...

I agree Nathaniel - Politics is here, there and everywhere, and affects everything we do, including our hobbies.

Besides as a Brit, I do think your healthcare system is a genuinely interesting subject and intrigued by both viewpoints.

Hannah said...

Let's not even start with the healthcare system!

I make $40,000 a year and cannot really afford healthcare BUT I am sooooooooo disappointed with where this is going.


End of rant.

George P. said...

Ugh. Kellan Lutz is soooo hot, haha. I can't wait to see the new film though, because I love Tarsem Singh's visuals.

Bryan said...

This is your blog, Nate. Do with it what you want (but seriously, don't change a thing!) :)