Friday, September 01, 2006

Fashionably Late

I know I promised Part 2 of this Moulin Rouge! piece today. But these things take time.

This set you're looking at in this lovely photo wasn't built in a day and neither is the retro celebration I'm attempting. Part Two should arrive on Tuesday. Stay tuned.



Ha ha. no this is about the moulin rouge retrospective i started a week or two ago (i'll put up the link again as soon as my site is back up. technical difficulties)

:) bear with me.

Emma said...

I don't particularly care for the film, but damn, it's stunning to look at.

Lyn said...

My claim to fame is that my cousin (an artist who works with metal) made Satine's bed.


lyn. omg that is so cool. I was just watching that bed for the last two hours as I wrote part two.

Lyn said...

Hee. On any other website, I would probably have got the response: "Satine who? Fame? What are you talking about?"

Glenn Dunks said...

I remember being shocked the day they said the elephant was being destroyed.

I felt as if a part of my soul was dying.

Anonymous said...

Ewan's next project?

According to the Internet Movie Database, Ewan will appear in The Kids Are All Right with Julianne Moore, Evan Rachel Wood and Robin Wright Penn.

The film is about a lesbian couple (Penn and Moore) experiencing complications with their sperm donor (McGregor). Filming set for later in the fall 2006.

Thought you might be interested, if you didn't know already.