Monday, September 25, 2006

Links, Episode #189

Gatochy's Blog "If they mated..." (a funny series)
Hollywood Bitchslap on the hot potato doc Jesus Camp
Boing Boing makes me hate Disney more than I currently do.
Hollywood Elsewhere Wells doesn't warm to The Queen.
NYT Stephen Holden on Audra McDonald's new CD.
Just Jared displays many purty Flags of Our Fathers pics.

As Little As Possible "All for one brief touch of Venus"
Now, I know I've been linking to As Little As Possible a lot lately. But honestly, he's been on such a roll. That's one fine cinema blog. Bookmark it. Subscribe. Etcetera.


Alanna said...

As Little As Possible is written by a man. Just FYI.

J.J. said...

I've been outed.

Alanna said...

I mean, it's pretty obvious from your icon that you're Jack Nicholson.


i got confused because of that "I attended the TONYs" article which had photos of a woman --but i guess it was a guest article. (?)