Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pretty in Link

As Little As Possible on Nicole Kidman & the beauty of Fur (at Telluride)
Eddie on Film -Josh R looks at Joan Blondell, for a 100th anniversary tribute.
Flick Filosopher -MaryAnn wrote a book! A geek's guide to The Princess Bride. If you love this movie, buy it. Congrats MaryAnn.
popbytes on the VMA Awards. You may recall I wrote about the nominees @ ModFab. I didn't watch the actual show but I did have a veddy difficult time doing the ol' crosstown the other day what with all the road blockages and people gawking.
Towleroad on the kiss between Daniel Craig & Toby Jones in Infamous. So now my Dannyboy has macked on both Toby Jones & Derek Jacobi onscreen. I have a request. Next time Daniel takes a gay role, can he star opposite someone as smoldering as himself? Wouldn't that be explosive?
Wonderland B Movie Action Figures. Brilliant [src]

Two more things

1. Molly Ringwald is starring in this post because next week is "Back to School" week at this here blog. Gawd how I love a theme week. Go vote on the new poll re: your fav High School movie.

2. Finally, appropos of nothing other than my drooling. Here is the sensational poster for Little Children? [src]


Emma said...

Yeah, we were discussing that poster. Verdict? Eyes Wide Shut II.

Anonymous said...

Here is an amazing fairy story from modern Manhattan, a version of beauty and the beast (but which is which?). Diane Arbus is married and the mother of two. She helps her husband’s photography business and the family fur company. And she is a nervous wreck—because she isn’t expressing herself. Then a stranger moves into the upstairs apartment—call him Lionel, and step carefully. He is rare and alarming, but he is a tender soul who will introduce Diane to the lives of the other-than-ordinary. He will give us the Arbus we know. This is an astonishingly bold fable by Steven Shainberg (SECRETARY) that relies to a great extent on the courage, the beauty and the sheer adventurousness of its two central players: Robert Downey Jr. as Lionel and Nicole Kidman going for broke again and suggesting that it’s about time someone wrote a book about her. –DT (U.S., 2006, 120m)

*DT=David Thomson

Anonymous said...

I heart Patrick Wilson...drool

Glenn Dunks said...

Aww man, which do I choose? Rebel Without a Cause or The Breakfast Club?!? They're nestled side by side in my top 5 of all time! How do I do this to them. Do I choose the extraordinarily well done 1955 film or the completely still relatable 1985 film? I... I... YOU'RE KILLING ME, NAT!

There are so many great movies in that list though. Classics, a lot of them.

I agree about Daniel Craig though. We've had to watch all sorts of bizarro hetero couples snog throughout the years so why when this stuff is finally accepted do we have to watch it with Toby Jones? :P

adam k. said...

Are they trying to sell this as porn!?

But seriously, what is it about that particular cutoff point in a picture (RIGHT THERE on the lower hip) that makes it so sexy? Leaves just the right amount to the imagination.

Or maybe Patrick Wilson is just really sexy, period.

Glenn Dunks said...

It reminds me a lot of the Unfaithful poster, actually.

Anonymous said...

Okay, one of the few redeeming (?) features of the imdb top 250 is that "Princess Bride" is actually on it. And pretty high too.

P.S. Brokeback has climbed a few steps. Rock on! Take that f@ckign right wing!

P.P.S. Yeah ditto on the PW (Patrick Wilson). I heart him too and I'd let him ride me like a bull.