Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some Guys Have All The Luck


For the bored and obsessive film experience readers... a puzzlement:

What do Matthew Modine, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Bridges, Rupert Everett, and Dennis Haysbert all have in common that no other actors can brag about?

They've all romanced both Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer. Or rather their characters have romanced Moore & Pfeiffer's characters ;)

The are shown in chronological order of their completion the achievement.
Modine dated Pfeiffer in Married to the Mob and was married to Moore in ShortCuts.
Goldblum romanced Pfeiffer in Into the Nite and was Moore's boyfriend in The Lost World
Bridges did it the most explicity. He seduced Pfeiffer with a wandering hands backrub in The Fabulous Baker Boysand then memorably bedded Moore in The Big Lebowski.
Everett is a bit of a red herring. He was King to Pfeiffer's Queen in A Midsummer Nights Dream but his engagement with Moore in An Ideal Husband took place before the events that the movie depicts and was already severed.
Haysbert had one night of forbidden consummated love with Pfeiffer in Love Field and then a long stretch of forbidden but unconsummated love with Moore in Far From Heaven.

The five luckiest guys in Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

acting with Julianne Moore?

Anonymous said...

Julianne Moore & Michelle Pfeiffer:

Haysbert- Far From Heaven (Moore); Sinbad (Pfeiffer)
Everett- An Ideal Husband (Moore); A Midsummer Night's Dream (Pfeiffer)
Bridges - The Big Lebowski (Moore); The Fabulous Baker Boys (Pfeiffer)
Goldblum- Nine Months (Moore); Prince of Egypt (Pfeiffer)
Modine- Short Cuts (Moore); Married to the Mob (Pfeiffer)

noel tanti said...

i believe Haysbert was in Love Field too... and Jeff Goldblum in Into the Night... twice as lucky...

Glenn Dunks said...

Well that didn't last long.

adam k. said...

Well, Love Field and Into the Night are significant because that means all five men have been in actual live action films with both women (Prince of Egypt and Sinbad are OK, but it's not the SAME).

So, have all five actually shared scenes with both of them? That's what I'd like to know.

Also, my first reaction to this question was "they're all over 6 feet tall." In fact, other than Bridges, they're all 6'3'' or taller. That is something not many actors can boast. I, however, can boast that! Woohoo! If being extraordinarily tall can enable me to work with both Moore and Pfeiffer, then I am all for it. Lucky me.

Emma said...

Someone beat me to answering it. Damn.


you guys are good.

it's not only acting with them though... there's one more piece to it. (and it doesn't involve the animated films)

Paul C. said...

I'm not sure what these guys have in common besides simply starring with both Michelle and Julianne, but it's gotta be something, or else Harrison Ford would be included too (What Lies Beneath/The Fugitive).


right you are Paul. there are others who've been in movies with both.

so what do these five men have in common? they are shown in chronological order of the achievement. Bridges did it best (and most explicitly)

adam k. said...

It's not kissing or making love to both of them. Because Haysbert wasn't allowed to do that in Far From Heaven.

Did all five of them DANCE with both actresses in films?


you're almost there --the right track but it's more general than that.

rupert everett is a teensy bit of a red herring but still makes it.

Anonymous said...

Elaborate romances with Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfieffer that include dancing and/or performing with the actresses and are incredibly well-acted..?


romancing both Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer is the correct answer. You are correct, sir.

Rupert is a red herring sort of because his romance with Moore is offscreen (before the events in the movie An Ideal Husband take place)

thanks to everyone for playing and the next puzzle will have to be harder obviously ;)