Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a portrait of life as it should be in regards to popular movie culture

Witness: Large groups of people huddled around screens showing only Michelle Pfeiffer.

As it should be.

P.S. Have you read the Best & Worst 2007 Entertainment Weekly issue? I am h-o-r-r-i-f-i-e-d that on a poorly photoshopped cover featuring over 60 personalities signifying the year in movies, tv, dvds, music, books and stage that they couldn't squeeze the blond goddess on the cover. What's wrong with them? Her comeback did make their 70+ "ultimate pop culture moment of 2007" readers poll. But the company she had to share... yikes. It wasn't so much EW as ewww.


El Gigante said...

EW made a horrible miscalculation in separating its 25 best entertainers of the year from its best of the year wrap-up issue. Sure the mag can be hit and miss but its year end issue has always been fun to pour over, but lord, that cover was like looking at some collage on a film major's dorm room wall at a state college, yuck.

Anonymous said...

Michelle got a lot of press mid year (comeback, movie premieres, walk of fame, international exposure, etc). It seems like it was all quickly forgotten. Fans seem truly interested (including new generations of fans who have encountered her for the first time) but the press seems less than impressed. Is it because she pays no attention to them? I was also surprised that she appeared on few if any magazine covers during 2007. Is she really too old? Personally, after not seeing her for almost 5 years, I had forgotten how truly talented and beautiful she is. She is the goddess of all godesses.


well the press always have their favorites: usually some combo of true loves (obviously someone at EW has an eternal boner for Julia Roberts, with or without time specific attendant media hoopla) and their estimations or statistical data about whose photo sells magazine covers.

So, yeah, the forces that be at Entertainment Weekly might not have noticed Michelle this year, but other media outlets did.

also there's the age thing and the private star thing (she's never been completely able to be bothered with her fame)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, aren't you going to watch there Will Be Blood or Southland Tales?

I love your site and I really wanna know your opinion about these films.


i'm trying but HOllywood is doing its best to thwart me by forcing dozens of movies out every week.