Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can I Get You Another Link?

Cinema Styles "I drink your milkshake" is going to have a long shelf life. This is one of the best true stories I've read.
--> i09 Samuel L Jackson pics from the Spirit. Samuel L Jackson is in way too many franchises. Let me get this straight "The Octopus" is also "Shaft" is also "Nick Fury" is also an "xXx" Agent is also "Mace Windu"? TOO MUCH. Please stop.
Anne Thompson
on the problems w/ Indiana Jones press rounds
Mighty God Kings superhero movie problems and advised fixes
/Film has a new still from Vicky Christina Barcelona. Why am I so excited for this? It's not like Woody is regular w/ the brilliance...
Lost in the Frame speaks true in regards to Iron Man (except for the bit about waiting for credits to end as being dorky... I call that "watching the whole movie")
Blake Snyder on screenplay 'beat sheets' and Iron Man & Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This is one of the most horrifying screenwriting articles I have ever read. No wonder movies are so formulaic.

off cinema
Things Younger Than McCain a whole blog of things younger than the Republican candidate for President. hee. And while we're on politics... Hillary Clinton does not appear in this post but here's her imaginary salute to my May Flowers series... --->
TV renewals for fall. Are your shows dead yet?
Art Resource the great artist Robert Rauschenberg has died. Here's a gallery of his work.
Jay Brannan (from Shortbus) is going on tour. Can't wait.
YouTube Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Rap. For true BSG nerds only!
Sticky and Sweet So, yeah, got my Madonna tickets. They're terrible but I've had good seats at two previous concerts so I can deal. I don't mind so much. Just to be in the massive stadium. There's always binoculars.


Greg said...

Years from now when my daughter understands what a blog is I'll let her know how Nathanial R. helped make her a star.

She'll be completely embarrassed. I think I'll wait until she brings her first boyfriend or girlfriend over then break into it.

Janice said...

Thanks for the VCB link, Nat - the trailer for it can be found here:

It looks like Woody's taken a page from Pedro Almodovar's book of magical mojo. At least this time there's not a nebbishy Woody stand-in, although I have a feeling the male ego will play a much bigger role than it does in Almodovar's films.

I remember a critic writing years ago something to the effect that in most films, women are generally beside the point for the male characters, whilst for female characters men are central to their stories (even if not seen onscreen). I think Almodovar is one of the few filmmakers of which you can say the opposite.