Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teensy Update

Here's the first still from Chéri (2009... um, it's threatening to be released in 2008 now. ayiyiyiyi) --thanks Juanita & Boyd!

This marks Michelle Pfeiffer's return to period romantic drama for the first time in 15 years. Not that I'm counting. Not that I'm counting down. The costumes here are by Consolata Boyle who was Oscar nominated recently for dressing Helen Mirren as The Queen. I've written about the film [ahem]... a few times.

In other TFE news...
I've updated both the review index (which you can always access from this blog's sidebars) and added a 2008 by grades page now that we're 5 months into the year. The Oscar predictions and the Actress Psychic contest will both be updated in June... and I hope to have a major relaunch of everything in July (I'm talking to web designers at the moment about how to streamline and make prettier, more user friendly). There will also (finally) be a new episode of the podcast this weekend, which will celebrate the US release of the Norwegian film Reprise.

Reprise is super. Best of the year thus far. It's actually a couple of years old but you know how foreign films take their sweet time arriving. I hope you will all give it a chance rather than seeing Iron Man a 4th time or Prince Caspian twice. Live a little.

And OK... this isn't such a teensy update anymore since I keep adding to this post. Here is the trailer for Woody Allen's newest film, Vicky Christina Barcelona. Enjoy. Anticipate. Comment. Ignore. The choice is always yours.


Anonymous said...

I don´t know if you have checked this:

Vicky Cristina Barcelona trailer!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It looks sexy and funny, and I need to see a sweet film this summer.

Pfeiffer looks great. DUH ! When doesn't she ? It's so cool to see her in period again. Give her the Oscar already

Anonymous said...

I have hardly missed an Allen movie in the last few years, except Melinda & Melinda that ran too short in theatres. So, yes, I'm really expecting this one.

New Indiana Jones movie, new Woody Allen movie, Pfeiffer back to work re-teamed with Frears, Almodóvar back to work too, the Coens with Clooney... Aren't movies just great?


Anonymous said...

Ummm... I saw Reprise at a local arthouse (in the UK) and I understood it to be Danish. If it is in fcat Norwegian I will cry at my own ignorance.


I speak Norwegian and I talked to the director in Norwegian at the NY Screening and the movie takes place in Oslo, Norway

so...sorry ;)

no need to cry though since it's such a great movie, right?

Janice said...

Ooh, Pfieffer definitely looks delish.

I think I've already commented on the VCB trailer elsewhere, basically that it struck me as having a very Almodovar-esque vibe to it. Which may be a good thing nonetheless.