Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy (Hollywood) Mothers Day!

First SJP wanted to be a gay icon (see old post: A History of ...Sarah Jessica Parker) and now she wants to be "America's Most Fabulous Mom" Basically she's planning to cover all female archetypal roles before she dies. She's already done plucky child star (Annie), brainy nerd girl (Square Pegs), longsuffering girlfriend (The Robert Downey Jr years), blonde ditz (LA Story), trophy girlfriend (First Wives Club), gay icon/fashion muse/sex symbol/career girl (Sex & The City) so why not? But she has a lot of competition for this latest title.

Though I often express dismay at my favorite actresses ditching their careers for diaper changing (especially in the cases where they just disappear), I do find the subject of Hollywood moms fascinating. If you take press and media at face value ALL OF THEM... every last celebrity who has given birth or adopted is a passionately devoted and caring hands-on mother. I'm talking about the actual stars, mind you, not the stage moms who gain fame from the fruits of their womb. The latter variety are invariably painted as monsters. They're all Rose from Gypsy, only without the sympathy gaining classic curtain calls of their own.

Once famous folks have passed on, the truth (or new perceptions) will out. Superstar mothers and stage mothers alike undoubtedly land on all gradations of the curve between fabulous nurturing role model and abusive and neglectful parent. You know that a few of them have to be Ingrid Bergmans (well liked by their children but by all accounts often not present) and there's probably modern Joan Crawfords (straight up psycho/evil if you believe the infamous tell-alls some star legends become burdened with) too

But today on this special day (have you called your mother yet?) we should believe that they're all saints. Every single one of them is the super do-it-all woman we want her to be. Here are a few of my favorite actresses with their broods as well as some other happy celebrity moms & kids. A happy day to all of them... and any moms reading this, too!

Now, call your mother!


Anonymous said...


Which actress can top Angie when it comes to be America's most fabulous mom ?

She's only 32.
She has 4 kids, one (2 ?) in the oven
Her résumé include 35 films.
She won 1 Oscar
She owns a pilot licence
She published 1 book
She directed 1 documentary
She's a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador
She can be seen in music videos by Lenny Kravitz, the Rolling Stones and U2
She's bisexual
She's dating Brad Pitt

It doesn't get more fab than that.

I'm afraid SJP and the other girls will have to try harder.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I've always thought Mother's Day was an international day as St. Valentine's. Mother's Day here was a week ago :O.
Maybe that's why Angie keeps on moving from one side of the world to the other constantly.


Anonymous said...

I get dizzy each year trying to remember when Mother's Day is!!!

Where my mom is (Spain) it's the first Sunday of May (so last week). In Belgium (where I lived the past 8 yrs) and the US it's today... In Mexico (my adolescence) it's May 10th. And in France I believe it's the last Sunday in May (or is it the first of June?)

How confusing!!!

Heck... it's a hallmark holiday. Mother's Day should be everyday! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe how Julianne's little girl looks so much like her.
So cute.

J.D. said...

Juli and her kids look so adorable together!

PIPER said...

I gotta say that Sarandon's daughter is a knock-out. And Demi's kids. Well...

The Pretentious Know it All said...

What about the celebrity mommy that is Meryl Streep? Pregnant with Mamie when she won her Oscar for "Sophie's Choice." People gave her a lot of shit for getting married to Don Gummer after knowing him so briefly (and so quickly after John Cazale's death.) Here we are thirty years later, and they're still married with 4 kids and they maintain some semblance of a respectable private life. I really admire her. She is so talented and yet it's so clear when you see her in interviews that she her celebrity status hasn't ruined her. I really respect and admire her for that. Not as much as my own mother mind you, who's awesome (and exactly 12 days older than Ms. Streep) but I think she still bears mentioning as a wonderful celebrity mom.

Let me just say that when I opened up my Sunday paper and saw SJP on the cover of Parade Magazine, kind of made me weep a little. Parade is a weekly exercise in banality and illiteracy.

Anonymous said...

@ the know nothing know it all

Most boring post evah

I love my mom...blablabla

Anonymous said...

demi moore looks impossibly fabulous. and i don't even like her that much.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that would make Angelina Jolie more fabulous is talent, which is to say, everything.