Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cannes You See What I See?

IFC has a 24/7 Cannes cam up. You can watch the arrivals for the premieres. Or just stare at the empty red carpet when it's not movie-time. Or leave it on in the background like I do and just listen to the ambient sounds from the Croisette all the way across the Atlantic. Isn't technology fantastique? Remember they're on French time, not yours. Unless you're French or lucky enough to be there, in which case you don't need this cam. Shut up with your bragging.

In related news: The Black Hearted White Queen of Red Carpets is already stealing attention away from the actual stars of other movies by showing up to their premieres looking like this !

She can't be stopped!
(Pssst. But it's her birthday so we'll forgive her for stealing Julianne Moore's thunder @ the Blindness premiere. I like a little attention on my special day, too)


Kamila said...

Happy birthday, Cate Blanchett!!!! She looks gorgeous!!!!

Unlike Julianne Moore, who wore a terrible dress for the "Blindness" premiere!

NicksFlickPicks said...

(pssst... everyone, save up that "extra bit of attention" for 6/6. it's just around the corner, you know.)

Anonymous said...

She looks amazing. Now that's what we call a star.
Julianne Moore picked the wring outfit, but she is so beautiful, we forgive her.

Thombeau said...

Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore...IT'S ALL GOOD!

Glenn said...

Wow, she looks amazing although I'm sure somebody somewhere is saying she looks like dead seaweed or something ocean-related.

Anonymous said...

Julianne Moore looked stunning, too... unfortunately the "Blindness" reviews aren't very positive.

Anonymous said...

Here's the clip of this year's films, which they showed at the opening ceremony. in case you missed (right click & save)

It downloads extremely slow for me though, I'm not exactly positive whether this post will be useful to anyone.

Anonymous said...

That and I think it wasn't only Blindness premiere, but opening ceremony of the festival featuring the first of viewing of Blindness.

So she should be excused for that. Sort of.

Janice said...

"Showing off the post-baby body and looking as fabulous as possible" is like an Olympic competitive sport in her industry, isn't it? (And darn it, as it happens, she definitely earns the gold in this catagory.)

adam k. said...

WOW. That is unquestionably the most gorgeous Cate Blanchett has ever looked. The shiny champagne color complements her skin and hair perfectly, and there's just enough frill in there to be chic but not overly busy.

Cate usually has this penchant for wearing bright yellow and other rather off-putting colors - I'm actually not a big fan of her fashion in general - but this was PERFECT.

And frankly, I think she looks a lot better with the post-baby weight on her... as opposed to her usual borderline-anorexic-looking self. It's kind of a Renée in Bridget vs Renée in Chicago difference. And this look wins by far.