Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Linkening

<--- StinkyLulu Supporting Actress Smackdown '99: Jolie vs. Collette vs. Keener
Sunset Gun "Stark Raving Crawford"
Bright Lights After Dark "Dear DVD companies..." (pssst. I'd totally snatch up a stand alone of Red Dust. It's so hawt)
Correct Opinion news from the new Terminator film. Me, I'm totally confused about why they're doing another one when the franchise is currently on TV for free every week --albeit w/out Christian Bale but you can't have everything
i09 surprise: Battlestar Galactica's ratings have gone up. My theory: More and more people have watched the DVDs of the other seasons and are now tuning in
The Reeler on the lineup for the NY Asian Film Festival (06/20 - 07/06)

cinemavistaramascope on Douglas Trumbull's contribution to the endurance and "loneliness" (I love that observation) of Blade Runner
Goatdog looks back at Ballad of a Soldier, easily one of my favorite Russian films
The Spy in the Sandwich... is disappointed in Serbis' showing @ Cannes but sees a renaissance coming for Pinoy cinema
loves Laura Dern's tragicomic work as Katherine Harris in HBO's
Silly Hats Only How to recommend good films to complete strangers


Anonymous said...

ugh, Collette was so robbed of the win for Sixth Sense. so fucking good

and R.I.P. Sydney Pollack :-(

Anonymous said...

You're right about Battlestar Galactica - I watched seasons 1, 2, 3, in the last 2 weeks ( a discouraging time in my workplace - I needed to go far away in mindset) and now I'm caught up.

I loved that scene in "Tootsie" too.

Anonymous said...

1999 was a good year and especially in the female categories, beside the wonderful nominees in Supporting Actress we have in contention another interesting ones:

-Julianne Moore "Magnolia"
-Cameron Diaz "Being John Malkovich"
-Cate Blanchett "The talented Mr. Ripley"
-Antonia San Juan "All about my mother"
-Thora Birch and MEna Suvari "American BEauty"
-Charlize Theron "Cider House Rules"

Anonymous said...

Hmm someone forgot :
Nicole Kidman - Eyes wide shut
Gwyneth Paltrow - the talented mr. ripley
Julianne moore - cookie's fortune
Helena boham carter - fight club

anonymous "237