Friday, May 30, 2008

"omigod you guys"

My friend just finished his civic duty as a jury member the other day and as he was leaving the courthouse what thanks did he get? This eyesore driving past the court house, bending and snapping...

I don't want my MTV. Wasn't that horrific Grease reality series enough?

I use to love the movie Legally Blonde and my friend (who snapped this pic) and I both still say "I object!" in Elle voice (don't pretend you don't) with some regularity... but the sad diminishing returns --it's best not to speak of this "Broadway musical" and I use the term lightly-- have so turned me off. It's like all those straight to video Disney "sequels".

Good vs. Evil: Theatrical Blondes
It's so gross that MTV, which has always ignored rock stage musicals that might have actually fit into their vague subject matter chooses THIS as the one stage piece to get excited about and force upon millions. My theory is if you're a tastemaker and you have a captive huge audience, you really ought to try to promote good work that your audience might actually like if they were given the opportunity to sample it.

MTV could have done wonders for Hedwig and the Angry Inch back in the day. Or Spring Awakening recently. Or... any number of shows with true rock and roll spirit, raucous youthful energy and artistic ambition. Not that MTV has a purpose beyond serving the corporate dollar.



Glenn said...

I actually still watch Legally Blonde quite regularly. It amuses me so.

But the thought of this musical gives me the irks.

J.D. said...

Legally Blonde is love.


Anonymous said...

what happened to reese's career rendition,penelope,just like heaven.nothing of merit and when i rewatch ifeel more and more she did not deserve the oscar knightley did.